Where do you summer?

Summering at Boston Digital

Julia Borger - 4 Min read

Where do you summer?

Getting coffee and completing mindless busy work is every intern’s expectation for their first job. However, as I began my journey working for Boston Digital this summer, I quickly discovered that this would not be true, and I would be diving right into the heart of the company. 

Boston Digital stands out for many reasons when it comes to company culture. Our innovative and forward-thinking agency has managed to cultivate a work environment that nurtures creativity, collaboration, and camaraderie, setting a new standard for the industry - one that has welcomed me with open arms. 

We The People 

At the heart of Boston Digital's culture lies a strong emphasis on its people. Unlike many organizations that focus solely on bottom-line results, Boston Digital believes that a happy and motivated team is the key to success. The company goes above and beyond to support and empower its employees, recognizing that they are the driving force behind every successful project. We acknowledge and celebrate employee achievements and milestones every day, and are always looking for ways to improve. 

Let’s Talk it Out 

A core pillar of Boston Digital's unique culture is open communication. The leadership fosters an environment where every team member feels heard and valued. From the CEO to entry-level employees (even an intern like me), everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas and perspectives. This culture of open dialogue creates an atmosphere of trust and transparency, where feedback is welcomed and used constructively to drive continuous improvement. Even while working remotely this summer, we remain as connected as ever. We begin every day with a daily meeting to check-in, share successes and roadblocks, and tell jokes. I look forward to this meeting every morning. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of Boston Digital's culture is its commitment to work-life balance. In an industry known for its fast-paced nature, Boston Digital recognizes the importance of ensuring its employees have time for personal pursuits and well-being. 

Strong Bonds

But it's not all work and no play at Boston Digital. “I’ve found that BD has a rare mix of a work-hard, play-hard team as well as a real commitment to customer satisfaction and user experience. People genuinely care about each other, and about delivering a great end result” our Director of Project Management, Jim Brockman says. 

The agency understands the value of fostering strong bonds among team members. Regular team-building activities, both in-person and virtual, are organized to promote collaboration and friendship. These activities range from team retreats and sports events, to virtual happy hours. This sense of camaraderie extends beyond office hours, creating a tight-knit community that supports one another both professionally and personally. 

"We spend such a huge part of our lives at work. As part of the leadership at Boston Digital, I feel it's critical that we maintain a culture that makes everyone feel accepted and a part of the magic of BD. We are not all business, and that's important!" says Jaime Escott, our Senior Vice President of Strategy. 

As the doors begin to close on my summer internship, I can say with confidence that Boston Digital was the perfect place for me to intern this summer. I have formed connections with employees, gained valuable knowledge and insights, and am looking forward to taking what I’ve learned here into my next chapter.