Need Convincing?

Your company is growing fast, and marketing needs to keep up. With important projects on the horizon like a rebrand, a new website, or launching into a new market you’re thinking it may be time to outsource to a marketing agency. While our thoughts on the matter are probably pretty easy to guess, we’ve outlined a few key reasons just in case anyone needs convincing

Market Research

Market research is the critical first step agencies take to better understand our clients' business. Research can provide additional insight into the needs of your customer which can help inform your strategy, messaging, and execution.

Market and competitor research

Agencies will use a mix of research methods to generate input from a range of perspectives. When analyzed together, these findings work to enhance the credibility, and viability, of the recommended solution. Your company should engage in a multifaceted approach to research that includes qualitative insights, data from stakeholder or audience interviews, competitive assessments, market analysis, and assessments of product adoption and outcomes. Research provides a benchmark for decision-making and a yardstick for success. This is how agencies can help their clients mitigate risks and enable successful outcomes.

A specific focus on competitive research can help your company best position its products and services, focusing marketing efforts on channels and tactics that will deliver the best results. From customer interviews to data analysis, agencies do the deep research necessary to map out a powerful digital strategy for your brand and give you the holistic view you need to make smart marketing decisions. Agencies not only have the extra manpower, but also the latest tools and technology to conduct both secondary and primary research. By working with various companies across the industry they are able to leverage industry insights and benchmarking to help clients make the most informed marketing decisions.

The right agency will effectively utilize research to map out buyer personas and journeys. They will know where your audience is, where their pain points are, and what content they need at each step of the journey. This research is used to make sense of your audience to ensure they are segmented in thoughtful and actionable ways. Having an in-depth understanding of each unique persona’s path and the digital touchpoints in their decision-making journey will allow you to align your strategy to meet their needs.

Market and competitor research


As a marketer, you know that every plan should start with a clear definition of business KPIs. Working with an agency can help you translate those business KPIs into marketing KPIs and tactics that will deliver a return on your marketing investment. However, working with skilled marketers from an agency can help you gain much more value from your KPIs. A marketing agency will be able to utilize your KPIs to help determine a clear measurable goal, understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly- generate more income. The agency will give you the resources to understand customer acquisition cost, site traffic to conversion rates, social media engagement, inbound link building, and so much more to not only show you your ROI but show you how they got there.

Join forces with a well-oiled machine

All companies need an effective, well-researched marketing strategy and an actionable execution plan. While most companies understand the need for a strategic marketing plan, few understand what that looks like or how to implement it. A marketing agency can handle it all: researching customer needs and competitors, developing a marketing strategy, translating that strategy into a tailored execution plan that maximizes budget and minimizes risk, developing creative assets, measuring performance, and optimizing rigorously. As the digital transformation marches forward and our landscape continues to change, an agency will help you to ensure you’re at the forefront of your industry. 

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