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How The Health Science Industry Is Streamlining Content Approval

Jaime Escott - 4 Min read

Veeva Vault

What is Veeva Vault PromoMats?

Vault PromoMats DAM solution is part of Veeva Vault, an end-to-end content management platform and suite of applications specifically built for the life sciences industry. This tool allows companies to streamline the creation, review, approval, and distribution of compliant promotional materials efficiently while adhering to strict industry regulations. By offering a centralized repository for all assets, Vault PromoMats simplifies content management and enhances the organization's ability to track and control all asset types by delivering automated versioning, powerful search, and real-time annotations. With advanced features, such as automated version control, seamless collaboration, and robust analytics, the PromoMats DAM solution empowers marketing teams to work more efficiently, reduce compliance risks, and enhance overall brand consistency. Furthermore, this innovative solution incorporates compliance measures, ensuring assets align with industry regulations while reducing the risk of non-compliance issues. By integrating Veeva Vault PromoMats, organizations can effectively manage their growing library of digital assets, ensuring that they are up-to-date and compliant in an ever-changing global landscape.

Why Is A Content Approval Workflow Critical?

A content approval workflow is a key component of any marketing automation system. It helps you manage the approval process for all your campaigns, ensuring that only the right messages go out to the right people at the right time. To make things more complicated, heavily regulated industries such as life sciences (including Medical Device, Biotech, and Pharma) have a unique set of needs and regulations. From marketing materials and website copy down to clinical study reports and new drug applications, adhering to complex regulations requires significant amounts of administrative work to ensure that the proper directives are being followed. The digital age has cranked up the pressure for companies to speed up the approval process. Brands now heavily rely on digital content to execute their marketing strategy and the explosive growth of content has made the process far more complex. Now, life science companies are expected to create content in specialized formats, multiple languages, diverse categories, and across more channels making it harder for both the marketers and the content approval teams. Additionally, there is a greater need for personalization and customization, which requires more time to review and approve content. This diversity and volume in content leads to a very complex process that must be streamlined to improve time to market and reduce risk. While eliminating steps in the approval process can lead to losses, waiting for approvals that delay a new product’s launch is also costly. As a life science company, you probably already understand the importance of having an efficient content approval workflow in place. In fact, you may have even implemented one at some point in your organization. But as your business grows and changes over time, it can become harder to keep track of who has seen what content and when it was approved. So, in order to remain competitive in this environment, life science companies need to seek out effective software solutions that meet the unique needs of their industry to help optimize their content approval workflows.

Scale and reuse content

A cloud-based content management system ensures brand consistency across platforms, from production and clearance through distribution and reuse. It provides you complete control over your assets, allowing only approved content to reach the market and for fast changes across all channels. Most crucially, it allows for the repurposing of material for local and global audiences while ensuring that all message stays compliant. Veeva Vault's PromoMats DAM solution offers a comprehensive suite of features designed specifically to aid life science marketers in scaling and reusing content. Its collaborative user interface makes it easy for marketing teams to share content and drive reuse across teams, agencies, and tactics, helping them save time and money. One key feature is its modular approach and robust metadata and taxonomy management, which allows marketers to easily scale, organize, locate, and repurpose assets for various campaigns and materials. The solution also offers automated version control, ensuring that any changes made are reflected across collateral, reducing the risk of outdated materials being distributed. Additionally, with its seamless integration into multichannel marketing platforms, the PromoMats DAM solution helps maximize content usage and track performance across various channels, providing life science marketers with essential insights to further optimize their strategy. The combination of these powerful features empowers marketers to save both time and resources while maintaining consistency and compliance in their marketing efforts.

Content Workflows Uniquely Crafted For Life Science Companies

Veeva Vault PromoMats DAM system provides a comprehensive content management solution tailored to meet the unique requirements of life science companies. Its optimized end-to-end workflows support content through MLR, distribution, and DAM to store, search, and tag approved assetsUsing a cloud-based platform for your MLR review process can help streamline workflows and approve materials faster. It provides a comprehensive audit trail confirming your team is using the correct version of each piece of content throughout the process. The platform streamlines content workflows, ensuring seamless collaboration between marketing teams, regulatory departments, and other stakeholders. This allows important parties to manage approval queues and marketers to submit assets to the right officials promptly, avoiding costly holdups. Its robust and scalable architecture can handle a plethora of multimedia formats, providing easy access and organization of digital assets. Moreover, Vault PromoMats features advanced approval routing, allowing users to achieve stringent compliance standards quickly and efficiently. As a result, life science companies can significantly reduce approval timelines, maintain the highest levels of quality control, and bring their promotional materials to market faster.

Simplified Multichannel Delivery

Veeva Vault PromoMats DAM system leverages modular content to efficiently power omnichannel engagement at a faster speed and scale. The modular content approach enables organizations to repurpose, reassemble, and reuse small, distinct units of content components across multiple channels without the need for time-consuming content adaptation. the Veeva Vault PromoMats DAM system offers seamless integration with multichannel delivery platforms, so life sciences companies can rapidly adapt their content for various audiences, formats, and channels – all from a single source. By eliminating the bottlenecks associated with traditional content development, it provides the marketing teams unrivaled flexibility and agility to swiftly respond to market trends, customer needs, and improve personalization without overwhelming the review team. This seamless distribution of tailored and consistent content strengthens brand identity and customer experiences, driving value and growth for the business- leading to improved marketing agility and faster time-to-market.


Boston Digital offers a proactive approach, developing and enhancing the cutting-edge technologies that enable businesses to thrive in today's digital landscape. Our expert in-house developers have experience with Veeva Vault and other digital asset management platforms, allowing for seamless integration within your chosen content management system (CMS). This streamlined process empowers content creators, marketers, and other team members to continue using their preferred tools, such as Drupal or Kentico, without having to navigate an additional program.

With our integration, each team can effortlessly collaborate from their designated platforms. The content editor can create their material within the CMS as usual, and once complete, simply click a button to submit it for internal review. The content is then converted into a jpeg or PDF format and transferred to Veeva Vault, where the review team can utilize the advanced content assessment features to provide comments, highlights, and feedback as needed. Importantly, all of this feedback is sent directly to the content creator within the CMS, eliminating the need for them to access an additional platform.

Once the content is reviewed and approved within Veeva Vault, it automatically returns to the CMS, complete with its ID, and is ready for publishing. Content editors also have the option to ‘submit and publish’ when creating content, giving permissions to the system to automatically publish once approved. This refined process exemplifies an engaging, sophisticated, and professional workflow that sets Boston Digital apart in the digital world.

the Veeva Vault PromoMats DAM solution is an essential tool for life science companies, as it streamlines content approval workflows, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and efficient management of digital assets. By offering features such as automated version control, seamless collaboration, and robust analytics, PromoMats enhances marketing efficiency, reduces risks, and supports overall brand consistency. The platform's cloud-based nature, tailored workflows, and integration with multichannel delivery platforms make Veeva Vault PromoMats an indispensable solution for life science organizations to improve their content management and approval processes. The result is a more agile and competitive company, able to adapt to market trends and deliver high-quality, compliant promotional materials faster than ever before.