Business Situation: REGENXBIO sought out the experts at Boston Digital to achieve the primary objectives for their new website: establish a modernized online presence reflective of their innovative spirit, emphasize their competitive edge, and foster a patient-centric atmosphere that inspires engagement. 


Our Solution: Our skilled teams joined forces to create a cutting-edge, human-centered digital ecosystem for REGENXBIO that boasts captivating visual design and engaging user experience. We revamped their website into an adaptable, scalable hub that effectively showcases their forward-thinking and highlights the game-changing innovations they bring to the industry.


regenxbio desktop view

How We Did It

  • Performed a comprehensive website audit and competitor analysis to enhance digital growth, refine keyword strategies, and showcase cutting-edge technology.
  • Transitioned from WordPress to Kentico for enhanced site management and scalability, implemented a dynamic sitemap, and addressed 301s and 404s for improved SEO.
  • Enhanced mobile responsiveness, improved user experience, and increased website traffic.
  • Revamped visual design for brand refreshment and user engagement.
Regenxbio inner pages

Our Approach

  • Our user experience, design, and development teams joined forces to create a cohesive voice that amplifies the brand’s identity. 
  • We built a patient-focused digital experience with optimal flexibility in design, powerful UX, and top-notch SEO to turn REGENXBIO's website into a dynamic, scalable, easy-to-navigate resource.
  • The Boston Digital team illustrated REGENXBIO's forward thinking and showcased the innovative science they are changing lives with. 
  • Our team built strategies based on audience behavior to create a digestible digital experience that inspires participation in clinical trials and promotes engagement with educational content- serving each of their audiences’ unique needs.


Regenxbio inner pages
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Since its founding in 2009 by Ken Mills and FOXKISER, REGENXBIO has been a leader in the gene therapy field, driven by an ongoing commitment to develop gene therapies that improve treatment options for people with significant unmet needs. Today, REGENXBIO has end-to-end capabilities in the development of AAV Therapeutics and is advancing the internal pipeline to treat common and rare diseases.

Partnering for a digital-first future

We partnered with REGENXBIO to execute a top-down website redesign that transformed the site into a seamless digital experience fit for the live-saving brand.

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