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increase in overall sessions



  • Adapted the new branding style to create one, cohesive digital brand throughout their microsites 
  • Achieved consensus amongst disparate departments to convey their knowledge on the new digital ecosystem
  • Conducted an elaborate competitive analysis to accurately position Harvard Medical School in medical research, patient impact, academics, and health education, which guided the final designs
  • Focused on a user-centric design to foster navigation throughout the site for their target audiences – including current and prospective students, influencers, faculty, postdoctoral scholars, staff, young and old alumni, volunteers, prospective donors, existing donors, and the public.
  • Built an elaborate component library to allow for a seamless user experience among any department 
  • Leveraged our eye-tracking lab and heat mapping tools to validate our project recommendations and identify pain points of target audiences
  • Tested a low-fidelity prototype to gain insights on the user experiences and expectations based on feedback from sample users 
  • Harnessed strategic themes to better communicate Harvard Medical School’s research, global excellence, impact and outcomes, and improvements on people’s lives
  • Collaborated with Harvard Medical School’s development team to integrate other external platforms into the new digital ecosystem 
  • Created a digital system that can create and manage microsites for constituents within Harvard Medical School 

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