• Created a visual design that reflects the drummer’s POV during performances to excite visitors
  • Capitalized on social media trends (#drumPOV) to connect with younger audiences
  • Featured the equipment of famous clients on custom landing pages to inspire buyers

A New Generation of Artists

Considered the heart of every rock band, the drummer drives the beat of the songs we love the most. At concerts, he also has the best seat in the house.

To connect with Zildjian’s younger audience, we capitalized on the drummer’s unique perspective with the hashtag #drumPOV. Zildjian’s new hashtag inspires fans to tag social content and images that bring to life the drummer’s one-of-kind perspective.


Larger Than Life

In the redesign of, we also brought the drummer’s POV to the forefront with larger-than-life, full-screen videos that stream on the website’s homepage. The site welcomes visitors with stunning video of drummers rocking hard during shows on drum kits featuring Zildjian’s incredible cymbals.

#DrumPOV creates a firsthand experience that enables viewers and customers to fantasize about owning their own set of Zildjian cymbals.


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increase in organic users

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increase in artist traffic

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increase in dealer locator views

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