• Uncovered the friction that kept clients from discovering additional services by re-architecting the navigation to focus on Wolf's solutions and focus areas
  • Planned and implemented a content strategy using HubSpot to acquire more top-of-funnel leads and to nurture them to conversion
  • Contextually showcased Wolf’s thought leaders across different services and solutions web pages

Content Marketing Lead Generation

To serve Wolf & Company’s many different industries and services, we created a content marketing strategy that attracts prospective clients through niche segments.

We devised a framework for Wolf & Co. to repurpose existing content into a four-phase nurture program. We then used the marketing automation platform HubSpot to create the workflows and system for deploying an automated email drip campaign.

Our strategy not only ensures we’re capturing leads at all phases of the buyer’s journey, it also shortens the sales cycle for Wolf & Co. and increases conversion rates.



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increase in landing page submissions

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increase in email conversions

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increase in returning visitors

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