• Built a compelling, modern, and elegant design that sets the standard in digital experience among key competitors
  • Solidified and evolved the “Build Smart” initiative by featuring employee testimonials, videos from Suffolk’s leadership, and interactive “Build Smart” success stories throughout the website
  • Highlighted the Suffolk culture by incorporating videos, social media, and volunteer outreach efforts in order to increase interest with potential job seekers

Constructing an Inspiring Foundation

Suffolk has an incredible culture. As prospective and current employees are the primary target audience for Suffolk’s new digital platform, we infused this passion throughout the website and put heavy emphasis on the incredible company stories that show the complexity and originality behind each project.

To further support the goals of this audience, we created an extensive career page that gives viewers a depiction of what it’s like to be a part of the Suffolk team, from the amazing company perks to the opportunity to grow with the business. We also integrated social media into each location page, as well as team photography, videos, and motivating quotes from team members to really build sense of camaraderie and belonging that ignites a drive to be a part of the Suffolk team.


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increase in average session duration

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increase in total page views

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decrease in new visitor bounce rate

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