Adding Digital Dimension into Stoel's Research


  • Delivered Stoel Rives’ industry-focused, consumer-friendly content in a dynamic, engaging and interactive experience for all users. Expounded on the firm’s current content with a “Special Reports” section that highlights the longevity of its work.
  • Simplified the taxonomy of practices and industries, while continuing to communicate the full range of the firm’s expertise.
  • Enhanced the overall site experience, including the messaging, visual design, information architecture, and technical implementation.
  • Created robust attorney bio page that illustrates individuality by showcasing the unique backgrounds, experiences, and expertise of the attorneys at Stoel.
Adding Digital Dimension into Stoel's Research

Adding Digital Dimension into Stoel's Research

Due to the longevity and complexity of much of Stoel Rives’ research, one of the key features for their new digital presence was a dynamic and engaging area that focuses on the firm’s thought leadership. The new “Legal Insights” section organizes projects as one would see in a news outlet, where the details of the story may change over time, but the overarching storyline remains consistent.

In addition to the larger Legal Insights section, we also helped Stoel Rives create a unique type of content called “Special Reports.” Each Special Report is an evolving content piece that allows the content contributors at Stoel Rives to discuss important topics and themes that may span multiple years. These reports are supported by additional content assets when applicable; including blogs, articles, and news stories, and are compiled into a format that is visually appealing, engaging, and easy to navigate. This not only makes adding content easier for the firm, but adds weight and dimension to the story throughout the various developments and transformations. 

Subsequently, Stoel Rives was awarded a Killer Finny Content Award for the "Special Reports" section of their website.


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