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Renovia Content


  • Built a holistic go-to-market strategy for their product leva®, inclusive of activation campaigns, creative content and a seamlessly integrated martech system.  
  • Performed primary and secondary research to unlock key insights around UI and the women affected. 
  • Crafted unique personas across various stages of a women's life, allowing for a personalized experience. 
  • Developed robust user journeys that map each critical touchpoint to conversion.
Renovia Campaign Ad
  • Built an unbranded campaign for an interactive quiz site that increased lead capture and segmentation capabilities. 
  • Created a branded campaign to improve product and brand awareness. 
  • Developed an email campaign that increased bottom of funnel conversions. 
  • Measured our activation value through dynamic dashboards. Our real-time reporting allowed the Renovia sales team to act on leads instantaneously.

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