Screenshot of "find a doctor" feature


  • Consolidated three disparate microsites into one unique web property to direct consumers to one online destination, while boosting their SEO
  • Rebuilt the “Find a Surgeon” section with photographs of doctors and an easy path to find the procedural specialties of each surgeon
  • Created a locator map to ensure that every user can easily find surgeons and salespeople by attributes, within seconds
Screenshot of product options
  • Built a private login area for surgeons, enabling them to access surgical demonstrations, photos, diagrams, PDFs, and high-level content that validates their decision-making
  • Included different navigational pathways for patients, surgeons, and international audiences, giving every visitor a unique path to their medical device needs 
  • Took the site from zero marketing functionality to a lead generation-enabled platform, resulting in a 490% increase in conversions post-launch
Screenshot of information about joint stability
  • Rebuilt surgeon locator from scratch, resulting hundreds of queries to find a geolocated surgeon
  • Created an international dropdown navigation allowing visitors to go to the correct country’s version of the site depending on their IP address
  • Implemented a responsive website, allowing for users on all devices to access needed information

Mockup of Microport website on desktop



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increase in conversions post-launch

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increase in mobile sessions post-launch

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increase in organic traffic post-launch

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