LVHN digital campaigns were getting a lot of impressions, but they were driving top-of-funnel awareness without driving prospects down the funnel for conversion into new patient leads. 

Audience Segmentation

Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Data & analytics

Lead Generation Campaign

Lead Generation Campaign

Lead generation campaign

Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting campaign

Paid Media Management

paid media management

Paid Media strategy
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Our Solution

 We worked with LVHN to improve their customer journey-focused strategy, to ensure leads were being nurtured and targeted with relevant content. We set out to discover the customer experience, then built a customer journey map that included various digital elements to ensure a multi-touch strategy and enable LVHN to influence patients at just the right moment.

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Mapping a care journey

In-depth research is key to determining messaging for a brand. We kicked off by researching and mapping a digital care journey that starts with discovery and goes all the way through to treatment and recovery. Custom mapping gave us critical information, enabling us to create a better patient experience from beginning to end by intercepting the care journey with digital campaigns at key points. By targeting a highly primed audience with messages that meet the moment, we were able to generate more awareness, drive appointments, and orient patients to the best provider. This strategic and tactical approach to building, restructuring, and optimizing our client’s CRM and nurture campaigns continues to deliver strong results, including a 29% increase in conversions so far.

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Targeting throughout the care journey

Once we understood the journey a patient takes, we could tailor messages to hit in the right place at the right time. We built campaigns with specific targeting and creative to meet the patient across all channels (search, social, email nurture, and high-value content). The messaging and information we delivered within these campaigns matched the patient’s stage in the care experience. For example, in paid search for an obstetrics campaign, we had stages that met the needs of the patient in pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and labor and delivery, as well as gynecologic care needs for women throughout their life. This enabled us to meet the patient with the crucial information they need at a specific time.

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Lead-first mindset

LVHN’s prior agency was working to maximize impressions, assuming this would generate leads. When we came on board, we made sure the client understood that a shift needed to occur from an impression-first mindset to a lead-first mindset, which maximizes conversions at the lowest possible cost per lead. To do this, we not only targeted the highest qualified users most likely to convert with more granular search keywords, but we leveraged Facebook and Google machine learning to the fullest extent. By combining this with our care journey strategy, we continue to eliminate wasted spending on broad audiences and serve up right place/right time ads.

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By focusing on LVHN’s business and lead generation goals, we used a customer journey-centric approach to help this client create targeted campaigns with precise messaging, directly increasing their conversion rate at a lower cost.

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