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  • Drew on our experience crafting personas for the senior living industry to help LCB create a digital presence showcasing the unique features and amenities offered and positioning the LCB brand for seniors as a place they can be themselves and thrive. By providing visitors with the answers to their questions up front, we increased time spent on the site. 
  • Consolidated the decentralized microsites of the separate LCB communities into one organized site that lets users easily discover the perfect community for their needs, guiding them further down the funnel.
  • Highlighted the experience of living in an LCB community with large eye-catching imagery that showcases the lively atmosphere, first-class facilities, and enticing amenities residents enjoy. This especially engages older visitors who are choosing to transition to an active lifestyle community — LCB’s target audience.
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  • Simplified the navigation to make it easy for users to understand the LCB story, what they offer residents, and what sets them apart from the competition.  
  • Created a personalized user experience that tracks which locations the user has viewed and enables them to easily toggle between pages, keeping them just a click away from further engagement.
  • Increased lead generation capabilities by implementing a robust SEO strategy, creating more prominent CTAs, and removing redundant content. This led directly to increased organic leads.


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