• Consolidated more than 50 disparate microsites and portals into a single user experience
  • Created a 300-page clickable prototype that was tested and eye-tracked and that informed design iterations
  • Converted thousands of PDF-only content into a digital web experience that kept traditional methods while introducing new ones to legacy audiences

For John Hancock, the challenge wasn’t selling its products; the challenge was organizing the massive amount of information for its distribution channel—the insurance brokers. We worked specifically on the broker user experience in order to create a tool that would merge John Hancock's workforce, unify its branding, improve the selling experience and give the brokers quick access to the information they need. We included a new, built-in, resource library so brokers can easily find the information they’re looking for, along with a quick links section so they can easily access the areas of the extranet they need the most. The new site is a one-stop-shop for brokers to keep on doing what they do best. 


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