• Built a robust content strategy that highlights Horizon Beverage as the crucial connection between makers and retailers, including an engaging video series that underlines the passion behind the beverage industry in New England
  • Constructed the tools that allow the Horizon Beverage brand, voice, and presence to live, and thrive, in a digital environment
  • Created a powerful, interactive timeline of Horizon Beverage’s history to emphasize its long-standing dedication to the beverage and alcohol industry starting in the pre-prohibition era

The Craft of Content Development

The spirits industry is one of the few aspects of society that has not fully acknowledged the growth in digital. Despite these long-standing, traditional values, Horizon Beverage was able to embrace and evolve with the digital revolution that is surfacing. By vocalizing its amazing story and allowing it to live in a digital environment, Horizon Beverage has made leaps of advancement for spirits and distribution industry.


Our team at Boston Digital believed that the best way to showcase Horizon Beverage’s long-standing knowledge of distribution and spirits was through a video series entitled Meet the Maker.

This video series not only unveils some of the tactics that brewers use in order to bring their flavorful concoctions to life, but it also engages Horizon’s audiences like never before.

Through these three, unique videos of different breweries in New England that our team crafted, audiences are better informed of Horizon’s essential role within the transition process from maker to retailer.

Mockup of horizon site on tablet and phone


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