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Screenshot of the Guild's offerings


  • Updated the color scheme for The Guild with a high contrast version of the site to accommodate individuals who have visual impairments
  • Created a simple, straightforward design without elements like gradients or dropdown menus to meet the guidelines of a Level AAA compliant website
Screenshot of The Guild homepage
  • Ensured that all of the website videos are linked to a sign language version and accompanied by a transcript for users who may be hard of hearing or need to use a screen reader
  • Added updated media to their website, including video and photography that spotlights their dedicated staff and students
  • Included a blog to highlight the organization's success, allowing users to filter by topic to create a seamless, educational experience
Screenshot of The Guild's blog page with donate button in corner
  • Crafted a custom "Our History" page that tells the story of The Guild's past through a simple, easy-to-follow timeline
  • Strategized the color and placement of The Guild's "Donate" CTA button to captivate and motivate visitors