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Key Tactics

  • Devised a distinct approach to organize and consolidate content allowing for intuitive navigation that clearly segments their breadth of services.
  • Developed curated persona and journey maps
  • Created a component library to use as building blocks across their site
  • Conducted a site audit to implement SEO best practices and a keyword strategy for future digital growth and improved search rankings
  • Created a robust personalization strategy to engage all of their audiences and stimulate new business

With a quick turnaround time and thousands of content pages, Boston Digital developed a personalized and agile approach allowing multiple developers to work on the project at once while quality assurance ran throughout.

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Our Solution

Since Foley Hoag is ever-growing, we developed the website through a component-based design. Creating a component library allows the site to be both scalable and intuitive for the modern user. We were able to build a user-friendly CMS platform in Kentico so it could be easily managed internally while showcasing Foley Hoag’s elegant style. In addition, we provided a personalization strategy, creating content that is tailored to different audiences based on their behavior. This creates a more relevant experience for site users, so the content is in-line with what users are seeking.

Foley Hoag inner page
Foley Hoag inner pages


Foley Hoag is ever growing, so Boston Digital built their website on a user-friendly multi-feature CMS, Kentico, so it can be easily managed internally. The site was created through a component-based design system providing the necessary structure to ensure consistency throughout the site experience and allow for easy expansion in the future. The website design showcases Foley Hoag’s elegant style through a variety of strategic elements of modern web design.


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