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Traditionally, Five Star's marketing efforts focused primarily on bottom-funnel leads. To expand the company's online reach, we built a strategy to dramatically increase top of funnel leads through strategic paid campaigns. Once the leads were in Five Star's marketing ecosystem, we guided them down funnel with nurture campaigns and a precise content strategy.

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Our Tactics

  • Used social media, particularly Facebook ads, to nurture qualified leads towards relevant pieces of content that highlight the quality of Five Star Senior Living’s communities and services.     
  • Partnered with HubSpot to create nurture campaigns designed to engage prospects and score their activity, ensuring that only the highest quality leads were moved to Salesforce. 
  • Created a personalization campaign targeted at visitors that previously visited a Five Star community page to motivate them to return and schedule a tour. 
  • Provided ongoing tracking, optimization, and iteration to improve the quality and performance of the campaigns. 
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Our Content

  • Identified target personas  
  • Created an award-winning series of viral videos that showed the daily life of the residents as they tried virtual reality and played with puppies. 
  • Created a series of educational books for one of Five Star's primary personas and continued to nurture all new leads through the funnel by deploying a personalized email marketing strategy.  


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