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  • Created a brand book with key positioning and brand elements to help them adhere to their updated, cohesive identity 
  • Redesigned their logo to better reflect their modern, agriculturally focused brand
  • Highlighted the company’s purpose front and center on the homepage with clear page organization for a digestible read
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  • Assisted their team with copywriting, beginning with high level and key pages to give the company a starting point for ownership of their content  
  • Developed content for the new website, with a focus on the potential recruits that FCFP is looking to target 
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  • Produced a brand video at a farm in NH to effectively demonstrate the impact that their employees have in customers’ daily lives
  • Collaborated to assemble Annual Reports to provide transparency and information that is valuable for stakeholders and gives a more in-depth look at the mission of the company 


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increase in total visits

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increase in organic traffic

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increase in session duration

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