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more Dealer Locator visits

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more System Builder visits

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  • Created an immersive website experience with a custom product builder, enabling the homeowner to digitally construct an HVAC system personalized to their needs. This ultimately drove more leads and sales while positioning the brand as tech-forward and consumer-focused.
  • Developed a user experience enabling visitors to easily access content, including technical specifications, product literature, photos, rebate options, and other information catered to their unique customer persona, building trust and authority.
  • Made it easier for new site visitors to act through educational tools such as 24/7 chatbot support and easily discoverable resources so potential customers are converted more quickly.
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  • Created a digital experience with robust content that tells a visual story and enables Carrier Residential to connect with individual homeowners, building a relationship with consumers that helps drive conversions.
  • Developed a comprehensive SEO strategy that included keyword research, the consolidation of duplicative content, and new glossary pages optimized for Google Quick Answers keyword research to drive increased traffic to the site ahead of peak buying season.