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Increase in attorney bio traffic



  • Personalized the website to ensure every user is served attorney information based on their own specific legal needs 
  • Revamped attorney bio pages to demonstrate associates’ relevant experience and personality 
  • Built an advanced search functionality with an intuitive navigation to help users easily find attorneys and consultants in various practices 
  • Migrated over 4,000 publications to educate users and bring Carlton Fields’ thought leadership forward
  • Conducted an in-depth content audit and recommended keywords for top pages to improve search engine optimization 
  • Constructed content-rich pages with related case studies, articles, news and events to validate Carlton Fields’ experience 
  • Improved the call-to-action strategy to ensure users have a consistent opportunity to engage and convert
  • Analyzed competition in the saturated legal market to accurately reflect Carlton Fields’ brand and position in the digital landscape

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