We’re excited to announce the launch of the new digital ecosystem for Washington Mills! Washington Mills is one of the largest, global leaders in the manufacturing and distribution of abrasive materials and fused mineral products. They came to Boston Digital to bring their digital brand forward, elevate their products and showcase their superior capabilities.  

About Washington Mills 

Since 1868, Washington Mills has continuously evolved to offer a highly diversified array of products. Today, their offerings range from standard abrasive grains to specialty fused materials, with multiple variations of grit sizes and special coatings. With 150 years of experience, Washington Mills ensures that every stage of the production process is infused with high quality materials and exceptional service.  

About the Project 

Washington Mills sought a digital ecosystem that’s intuitive, allowing users to easily take advantage of their expertise. To achieve this, we simplified the navigation and added a utility navigation at the top of each page. This ensures that users are able to quickly access and follow a path to their specific needs. We also implemented a strong call to action strategy. With refreshed calls to action, such as “let us know your needs,” every user will be prepared to act and seek support from a trusted expert.  

Screenshot of Washington Mills homepage


Washington Mills also wanted to make it easier for visitors to find the information most relevant to their needs. In order to meet this goal, we restructured the product pages with organized “cards.” If the user already knows what they need, they can filter the cards on the product page depending on the chemical properties of the product. Visitors can also create their own product, using the one product card designated for this on the homepage. In this way, the new website holds high-level information that’s easy to access for users.  

In addition, the new digital ecosystem needed to illuminate the people and products behind the brand. To achieve this, we included a video on the homepage that explains how the production process works at Washington Mills. We also recommended the use of imagery that included their knowledgeable employees, rather than stock imagery. This sets the brand apart visually, keeps it personable, and shows just how important their people are to their growth and success.  

A final project goal was to focus on the website SEO. To meet this goal, we’ve been collaborating with them to ensure that the information architecture has been optimized throughout the redesign and is ready for future updates.  

Washington Mills chose to shift from an existing WordPress platform to Drupal 8. This new platform brings the Washington Mills brand forward and gives it a unique, refreshed brand identity. It’s a product-centric platform that will cater to users and illuminate their brand and history – one that’s filled with 150 years of success.  

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