Single Digits is a leading provider of Wi-Fi technology solutions and services for a range of markets. From hotels and hospitality to conferences and events, Single Digits is the strategic partner that provides customers with an exceptional wireless experience in any environment.  

They came to Boston Digital to update their branding, messaging, and website to accurately illustrate their new brand, as well as to create a more captivating user experience to engage users. 

About Single Digits

Single Digits is the white-label network operator for property owners, assisting clients by connecting consumer devices to their private networks. With over 2,000 clients in the top twenty largest hotels, they are the strategic partner with a breadth of experience in the wireless landscape.    

About the Project

Single Digits sought to refresh their digital presence to better engage users and effectively highlight the company’s range of industry expertise as a leading strategic partner. 

Single Digits

Single Digits

Single DigitsSingle Digits

In just eight weeks, the Boston Digital team was able to provide Single Digits with an entirely new digital identity, from new brand messaging to a new user experience that keeps visitors engaged and on task.

To create a refreshed digital brand for Single Digits, we collaborated with their team to devise new messaging that better illustrates their brand values and positioning. We also created a new visual style for Single Digits, which creates a cohesive look and feel and provides a bold, cohesive visual language. 

In the branding phase of the project, we created a brand book, brand style guide, and content strategy. These assets are invaluable resources to align the Single Digits team and effectively engage their users during every visit.

Single Digits also sought a new website that reflected their new digital brand. To begin this phase, we applied their new brand language to the web design. This meant taking a bold, innovative approach to the design, with dramatic imagery, edgy icons and graphics, and interactive elements that catches users’ attention. 

What’s more is that Single Digits recycled some of the photography that we treated to design their trade show booths. This tactic was an invaluable way to leverage their new digital brand and create a cohesive experience for viewers – whether online or offline.

Throughout the redesign, we developed content for the website and recommended a blog feature. These initiatives were instrumental to better position Single Digits as an industry expert and create a hub of credible thought leadership that users can rely on.

Single Digits also sought to better promote their employees on their website. To meet this goal, we created unique employee spotlights that are featured on the homepage and inner pages. This technique is an effective way to showcase the company’s employees and highlight their individual expertise in various service areas.

With a complete rebrand and website redesign on WordPress, Single Digits now has a user-centric platform that effectively tells their story, shines light on their unique brand, and keeps users engaged and informed.

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