We’re excited to announce the official launch of MindWise Innovations’ brand new website! MindWise Innovations, previously Screening for Mental Health, merged with Riverside Community Care to combine their expertise and create a new approach to raising awareness and treating patients with mental disorders. They came to Boston Digital to build a new digital ecosystem that accurately embodies their refined brand and effectively communicates a cohesive digital identity.

About MindWise Innovations

For nearly 30 years, Screening for Mental Health has utilized technological innovation to make mental health screenings and educational resources readily available for their audiences, including the youth, colleges and community service providers. Their new parent company, Riverside Community Care, has transformed into one of the largest providers of community-based behavioral healthcare and human services in the state. Together, MindWise Innovations will combine the expertise and resources of both companies to formulate one brand that drives innovative solutions and mental health services to a greater audience – closing the gap for people who need help in this field.

About the Project

This website redesign stems from the complete brand refresh that Screening for Mental Health underwent to become MindWise Innovations.

Screenshot of Mindwise homepage


In order to amplify their new online identity, we collaborated with the MindWise Innovations team on their new digital look and feel. We started with a creative consultation, which allowed us to devise brand guidelines. Once we established these new brand standards, we created a new logo that embodies the new brand, in addition to interactive design elements to accurately tell the story of MindWise Innovations.

MindWise Innovations also sought a digital ecosystem that speaks to end users and showcases products available to them. Therefore, we restructured the website with a product-focused taxonomy. This allows users to easily find the products fit for their resource needs with information that supports their decision-making.

We also partnered with MindWise Innovations to improve their ecommerce experience for users. We integrated the new digital ecosystem with their existing ecommerce platform, so that users have a clear path to find products on the main website, without having to navigate to another website. We also added a cart feature to make it easier for users to leave and return without ever losing any of their saved information. By integrating and improving their ecommerce platform, the new digital ecosystem provides an exceptional web experience for users.

MindWise Innovations had a final goal to improve their content marketing efforts. In order to accomplish this, we conducted a light content audit to understand where they have content gaps. Based on our findings, we suggested content best practices and curated a positioning statement that MindWise Innovations can start using to authenticate their brand and their messaging. By working on this digital marketing initiative, MindWise Innovations is set up with the tools and resources to effectively create the right content, at the right time, for the right user.

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