We’re excited to announce the launch of MicroPort Orthopedics’ new website. MicroPort Orthopedics creates hip and knee implants and sells their products to surgeons and distributors. They came to Boston Digital to consolidate three microsites into one cohesive platform to expand their visibility in the market and guide their audiences to the information they need to make educated surgical decisions.

About MicroPort Orthopedics

MicroPort Orthopedics is a global medical device company, specializing in the design and manufacturing of hip and knee replacements for over 20 years. Their products have a proven track-record of decreasing recovery time, helping patients get back on their feet and out of the hospital quickly and successfully. With a focus on innovation and the demonstrated capabilities of an industry leader, MicroPort Orthopedics is helping patients all over the world to achieve full function faster.

About the Project

MicroPort Orthopedics sought a new website that would demonstrate their breadth of products and leading position in the healthcare industry. To achieve this, we consolidated three disparate microsites into one web property. This strategy works twofold – directing consumers to one consolidated online destination, while simultaneously boosting their SEO.  

Screenshot of MicroPort Orthopedic's home page

MicroPort Orthopedics also needed a website with an intuitive navigation that would guide users to the right information for their medical needs. To optimize the web experience, we rebuilt the “Find a Surgeon” section. It now includes photographs of the doctors and an easy path to find the procedural specialties of each surgeon. This refreshed feature also includes a locator map to ensure every user can easily filter surgeons and salespeople by attributes, such as distance and specialty, in a matter of seconds.

We also built a private login area for surgeons. Professionals can now find surgical demonstrations, photos, diagrams, PDFs, and high-level content that can validate their decision-making. The private login also holds a news and events section, keeping surgeons informed of current happenings in the healthcare field.

To further improve the web experience, we created different navigational pathways for each audience. For example, not only do patients and surgeons have distinctive paths, but different types of surgeons have unique journeys as well. We also constructed a navigational pathway for MicroPort Orthopedics’ international audience. This ensures that current and prospective customers are able to find a medical solution to meet their needs, no matter where they’re located.

In order to achieve an updated design, we focused on the patients and the products that fit their needs. We included close ups of surgical products, rather than full-length images. This makes the site more visually appealing and less intimidating to the everyday consumer. To complement the imagery, we included simple, sophisticated language to validate MicroPort Orthopedics’ expertise. We also applied a distinct color palette – one that includes black and white to contrast other colorful, eye-catching elements. To finish off the design, we embedded videos and illuminated key company statistics and history. These design elements build an interactive digital experience for users and bring the brand to life.

Built on Drupal 8, MicroPort Orthopedics’ new website is a responsive, modern platform that works to build brand awareness and visibility in the marketplace – from local patients to international physicians.

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