We’re thrilled to announce the launch of The Guild for Human Services’ new website! The Guild is a special education school that offers a range of services for both children and adults who have intellectual disabilities. They came to Boston Digital to completely refresh their brand messaging, doing so through a new website that accurately reflects the organization’s current mission, while meeting the highest levels of ADA compliance.

About The Guild for Human Services

Founded in 1945 as The Protestant Guild for the Blind, The Guild for Human Services has undergone many transformations to become the multifaceted organization it is today. Initially focusing on reading services and religious instruction for children in the Boston area with visual impairments, The Guild has since moved three times, changed its name two times, and developed an adult residential program for older students. The organization’s main mission is to educate, encourage, and empower individuals with intellectual disabilities to live to their fullest potential. With a school for children up to age 22, as well as a continuing adult program, The Guild takes a holistic and active approach to working with all of their students.

About the Project

With its new location in Concord, Mass. and an updated mission, The Guild needed a new website that would illustrate the exciting changes happening within the organization. Boston Digital created a site that not only highlights The Guild’s success and excellence, but also does it in a way that’s fully ADA compliant.

Screenshot of homepage for the guild for human services


It was important to refresh The Guild’s appearance and brand messaging for the modern world, while maintaining an emphasis on the organization’s notable history and commitment to helping individuals with intellectual disabilities. Boston Digital created a brand book for The Guild that included a new color palette, font, and icons. The updated color scheme is bright and welcoming, and there is a high contrast version of the site for individuals who have visual impairments that make it difficult to differentiate between similar colors.

Because The Guild’s target audience is extremely diverse, consisting of individuals from varying backgrounds and abilities, compliance and accessibility were high priority. There are several ways in which the site is tailored to meet the needs of The Guild’s target audiences. The new website meets the guidelines of a Level AAA compliant website, which is the highest standard for ADA compliance. It has a simple, straightforward design, without elements like gradients or dropdown menus. Users can personalize their browsing experience to be the most comfortable and ideal for their specific needs, with options like different text sizes and nine languages. All of the videos on the website are also linked to a sign language version and accompanied by a transcript for users who may be hard of hearing or need to use a screen reader.

At Boston Digital’s recommendation, The Guild added updated media to their website, including video and photography that spotlights their dedicated staff and students. All of the images feature real individuals who are affiliated with The Guild. These glimpses into life at the organization give visitors a genuine look at the commitment and dedication The Guild prides themselves on.

The new site also includes an active blog that highlights the organization’s success stories – both big and small. With the option to filter by topic, visitors can get a better understanding of The Guild’s mission. Boston Digital also created a custom “Our History” page that tells the story of The Guild’s past through a simple, easy to follow timeline.

Besides showcasing what The Guild does, one of the website’s goals is to encourage donations to the organization. The “Donate” button is the site’s primary CTA, catching the eye with its bright yellow box and prominent placement at the top of all the pages.

The Guild’s brand-new look and messaging, along with its accessible construction, were created in Drupal. We are thrilled to have worked with such an incredible organization and develop a website that accurately reflects the growth and impact that The Guild for Human Services has on the members of its community.

Visit the Website!