We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Farm Credit Financial Partners’ new website! Farm Credit Financial Partners provide software and technology for credit unions who work with farmers. They came to Boston Digital to update their branding, messaging, and website to more accurately reflect the company’s purpose, as well as to create a more engaging digital presence to assist with recruitment efforts.

About Farm Credit Financial Partners

As providers of technologies and financial services to the Farm Credit System for 20 years, Farm Credit Financial Partners are a robust group of individuals who are more than just engineers and business analysts. The company’s core beliefs are rooted in their desire to provide the best technology and solutions possible for American agriculture through a partner-driven approach. Farm Credit Financial Partners have offices in Massachusetts and Washington, and they serve over 2,500 employees across the country who work in various Agricultural Credit Associations.

About the Project

Screenshot of Farm Credit Financial Partners homepage

Farm Credit Financial Partners needed to refresh their digital identity to better engage prospective hires and properly reflect the company’s purpose. Boston Digital provided a complete update of Farm Credit Financial Partners’ online presence, from a newly designed logo to a brand video filled with inspirational messaging.

A main goal of this redesign was to help Farm Credit Financial Partners with their recruiting efforts by presenting the company in an exciting way, as well as one that makes a difference through their work. A major issue that the company faced was inconsistency in their identity, with a website that did not accurately portray the services offered or the mission behind the work that they do.

Boston Digital created a brand book for the company to utilize when it comes to their creation of assets and communications moving forward. This brand book includes elements such as a proper definition of their brand ecosystem, their brand mantra and positioning statement, and options for taglines. By having a guide in place, it will help Farm Credit Financial Partners adhere to their updated, cohesive identity.

We also sought to elevate the look of their website and design elements, beginning with a redesigned logo. We cleaned up the graphic by removing the text and keeping the leaf element of the old logo, taking this motif and repeating it for a new mark that is distinctive and modern. It fits right in on the redesigned website, with a clear navigation that quickly directs visitors to the proper pages, whether they are looking to use Farm Credit Financial Partners’ services or join their team. The company’s purpose is displayed clearly on the homepage, and the page organization provides information in a way that is easy to digest.

Boston Digital also helped Farm Credit Financial Partners create content for their website, with a focus on the potential recruits that the company is looking to target. We spent a day shooting a brand video at a farm in New Hampshire, featuring the farm’s owner and how the services of Farm Credit Financial Partners have helped him run his business. These are the types of messages that the company seeks to convey, demonstrating that Farm Credit Financial Partners is a workplace where employees have the ability to make a difference in customers’ lives.

We helped Farm Credit Financial Partners put together Annual Reports that can be accessed on their website, providing further transparency and information that is valuable for stakeholders, as well as those seeking to get a more in-depth look at the mission of the company. Finally, Boston Digital assisted Farm Credit Financial Partners with copyrighting, beginning with high level and key pages so that the company has a starting point for ownership of their content.

With its complete redesign done on Drupal, Farm Credit Financial Partners is ready to emerge as a modern champion of farmers across America, supporting this hard-working industry while attracting the brightest talent to their own company.