We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Everbridge’s new website! Everbridge is a global software company that provides enterprise software applications that accelerate organizations’ operational responses to critical events – keeping people safe and businesses running faster. Everbridge came to Boston Digital to create a digital platform that would better communicate the sophistication and simplicity of their platform, tell a consistent brand story, and present Everbridge as leader in critical event management.


About Everbridge

Over 3,800 global customers rely on Everbridge’s SaaS-based Critical Event Management platform to quickly and reliably assess threat data, locate people at risk and responders able to assist, automate the execution of pre-defined communications processes, and track progress on executing response plans. Everbridge’s platform is crucial in the time of various crises – ranging from terrorist attacks in the public to supply-chain interruptions in businesses.

About the Project

Everbridge wanted a new digital presence that would ensure visitors can access critical event management information, faster. To help Everbridge achieve this, we built a site with a clean structure and intuitive, simplified page designs to ensure users find the right information effortlessly. This phase allowed Everbridge to streamline the content that’s offered on any given page. We also created a new navigational approach, including a user-centric taxonomy, as opposed to a product taxonomy – enabling visitors to efficiently find the right content for their specific needs.

Everbridge also sought a new website that would effectively tell their brand story. To bring their brand forward online, we held a cross-departmental brand workshop at Everbridge and created a brand book that articulates key elements of company messaging. This branding initiative allowed our team to hone-in on the messaging that resonates with Everbridge’s distinct audiences across industries. We were also able to set digital brand guidelines that allow Everbridge to execute a consistent brand identity across any medium and gives life to Everbridge as a leader in the field.

A final goal was to make the website more scalable to adapt to future growth and acquisitions. To accomplish this, we consolidated product microsites into the corporate site. The new site is now a content hub for every Everbridge solution, with a consistent, unified brand throughout.  

The new website focuses on the needs of Everbridge’s prospects. It speaks to those needs through effective messaging, consistent branding, and an intuitive structure that brings users on a seamless digital journey to find their solution.  

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