To the valued Boston Digital Community,

As of Monday, March 16, 2020, in response to the Covid-19, novel-Corona virus situation, we have formally invoked a work from home policy for our employees for a period of two weeks. Coupled with this, we have implemented a business continuity process that we have built over the years, to ensure that we are delivering the highest level of service to you throughout this period. Following is an overview of our business continuity program. It is designed to take into account virtually every potential reality. It is comprehensive in its design and sufficiently flexible to accommodate changing timelines and expectations.

Workforce Readiness
Boston Digital employs a workforce model that includes redundancies and support for every position on your team. This means you have at least two people covering every critical need at any point in time. Additionally, we leverage cloud-based solutions and redundant, secure technologies to ensure access to your work, regardless of where our employees are working. Every employee is furnished with leading edge technology and access to collaboration tools ranging from Slack (for internal collaboration), to email, Basecamp and Ring Central (underpinned by Zoom video conferencing) to allow for continuous internal and external collaboration and delivery. Accordingly, you will have a seamless experience regardless of the length of the current policy.

Operational Support Continuity
Because we are supporting your website 24/7x365, we already have a set of redundant systems and cloud-based solutions to function as backup. Additionally we maintain an on-call approach to site and campaign support under normal circumstances. These systems, which already allow us to address breaking issues on weekends and nights, will continue to function as normal throughout this brief period.

Health And Safety
Essential to a comprehensive BCP is ensuring the health and safety of our employees and yours.  We have placed restrictions on travel for our employees, eliminating it for internal purposes, and limiting travel to customers and partners to critical meetings only. This may mean that certain meetings, including status, planning and delivery that would occur in person under normal circumstances, will instead be conducted via remote access video and audio conferencing solutions. We have focused on the highest level of hygiene in the workplace and will continue to focus on that when our employees return to the office. Finally, we are following all of the instructions of federal, state and local agencies, ranging from WHO and CDC, to the governor of Massachusetts, as we make decisions around interactions with you.Thank you for your partnership with Boston Digital. We look forward to providing you with continued great service throughout the current crisis and beyond.

Chuck Murphy


Chuck Murphy