We worked with Carrier Residential to revolutionize their digital presence and provide their customers with an immersive experience that converts a simple consumer to a knowledgeable homeowner ready to connect with a Carrier Expert. 

Who is Carrier Residential?  

Carrier is a leading provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, and fire & security technologies. The company has an extensive global footprint with approximately 53,000 employees and offers solutions in more than 160 countries. 

What Were They Looking for in a New Website? 

Carrier Residential came to us looking for a website that would showcase their state-of-the-art products and allow them to stand out as industry giants, amongst a crowded competitive field. They needed a website that was as technologically advanced as their product, with a best-in-class user experience for both web and mobile users. 

Website Redesign 

The new Carrier Residential website provides a comprehensive digital experience for the modern consumer, that extends far beyond a simple transaction. Carrier Residential’s new site enables the homeowner to digitally build an HVAC system that is personalized to their needs. Through this process, customers gain knowledge on the products and are able to match these with their needs, as well as easily understand the benefits and wide-ranging customizability of a Carrier system.

Carrier Hompage


We worked with the Carrier team to build a comprehensive SEO strategy that would bring new users to the site and get them into the market during the fall, as heating starts to become a priority. This strategy involved the build-out of missing content based on keyword research, the consolidation of duplicative content within the Resources section, as well as building out glossary listings pages optimized for Google Quick Answers. Once new customers find their way to the Carrier Residential site it is easier than ever for them to act through educational tools such as 24/7 chatbot support, frequent CTAs, and easy to access resources. 


Carrier Product Builder


The Carrier Residential digital product catalog provides an opportunity for the consumer to get familiar with Carrier’s extensive product catalog before taking the next step of talking to a dealer, all from the comfort of their soon-to-be Carrier-optimized home. Through the clear and intuitive navigation, users can easily access content including technical specifications, product literature, photos, rebate options, and other information that is catered to their unique customer persona and journey. 

The product pages have been reimagined to be less-technical and more consumer-centric. For more experienced buyers the new site also includes streamlined navigation functionality based on relevant facets and filters where they can drill down into specific products.  The site emphasizes ratings and reviews to give real-world information on both the products and Carrier distributors, known as Carrier Experts. The Carrier Residential site is personalized to cater to customers of all knowledge levels and at any place in their buying journey. 

Content Strategy 

Boston Digital worked with the Carrier Residential team to redesign their blog and bring Carrier Residential thought leadership to the forefront.  All the website content is designed to tell a compelling visual story that connects with the Carrier Residential audience.

We also worked with Carrier Residential to create a sustainable long-term content plan. Our team built a messaging strategy that will allow Carrier to connect with individual homeowners and help them imagine their home as a Carrier Home. Whether the Carrier team is selecting images, scripting a video, or editing content in one of the site sections or pages, they can be sure the Carrier brand is resonating throughout each piece of content.


Carrier Content


The new Carrier Residential website creates an immersive digital experience that converts a simple consumer to a knowledgeable homeowner ready to connect with a Carrier Expert to install Carrier products into their home.  Check out the new Carrier Residential experience in action!