We are thrilled to announce that Boston Digital has won four WebAwards this year! Every year, hundreds of websites are submitted and ranked within various industry categories to determine which brands’ digital ecosystem will be nominated for an award in categories such as, Best of Industry, Outstanding Website, and Standard of Excellence

Single Digits
Outstanding Website 

Single Digits came to Boston Digital to refresh their digital presence in time for an upcoming product launch. Partnering with Boston Digital to update their branding, messaging, and website for a cohesive brand experience, Single Digits saw increased conversions and a digital presence that engages their audience – all done in the time span of just eight weeks.

Single Digits https://www.singledigits.com/

The Guild for Human Services 
Outstanding Website 

The Guild is a special education school that offers a range of services for both children and adults who have intellectual disabilities. They came to Boston Digital to completely refresh their brand messaging, doing so through a new website that accurately reflects the organization’s current mission, while meeting the highest levels of ADA compliance. Since launching the site The Guild has seen a 69% increase in overall donations, 113% increase in page views and 42% increase in site users.

The Guildhttps://www.guildhumanservices.org/

Farm Credit Financial Partners 
Financial Services Standard of Excellence 

Farm Credit Financial Partners provide software and technology for credit unions who work with farmers. They came to Boston Digital to update their branding, messaging, and website to more accurately reflect the company’s purpose, as well as to create a more engaging digital presence to assist with recruitment efforts. Boston Digital worked with Farm Credit Financial Partners to create a new digital presence that highlights the company’s core values and beliefs to better engage prospects and prospective hires. In addition to website development we worked on a content strategy that included a brand book, new logo, video creation, new annual report design and more. Since launching the new site Farm Credit Financial Partners has seen an 109% increase in total visits, 24% in organic traffic and a 57% increase in session duration.


Farm Credit Financial https://www.financialpartners.com/


B2B Standard of Excellence 

Everbridge is a global software company that provides enterprise software applications that accelerate organizations’ operational responses to critical events – keeping people safe and businesses running faster. Everbridge came to Boston Digital to create a digital platform that would better communicate the sophistication and simplicity of their platform, tell a consistent brand story, and present Everbridge as a leader in critical event management.

Everbridge site