New Behavior-First Approach Signals Death of Generational Marketing, as Mobile Drives All Consumers

Boston, MA – August 6, 2019 – Boston Digital, a leading digital marketing agency, today unveiled a new behavior-first marketing approach that turns traditional segmentation on its head. Coined “The Impulse Generation,” it proposes that generational marketing is fast becoming ineffective because consumers of every age are driven by the same things: the web and their mobile phones. In an era where a disproportionate amount of weight is placed upon age to define behavior, Boston Digital is challenging marketers to refocus targeting strategies on mobile consumption commonalities. 

“For the first time, there are four generations with buying power, from Gen Z to Boomers. All of them – and their actions – are tied to their web experience and phones. By treating these generations as disparate groups with different consumption behaviors, businesses are missing out on lucrative opportunities,” said Boston Digital’s Founder & CEO, Chuck Murphy. “Boston Digital’s 20-year entrenchment in digital marketing gives us a unique ability to anticipate and effectively leverage transformative digital trends. We’re excited to bring “Impulse Generation” best practices to marketers.”

“Today, the most important question is no longer whether your customers are ready for mobile but how best you can use mobile to interact with those customers,” said Nicholas Chao, Data Science Associate at Forrester Research. “Consumers are undergoing a disruptive shift toward mobile convenience. For key digital behaviors, mobile is no longer just an option, but an expressed preference.”

The Impulse Generation is predicated on the idea that everyone—regardless of age, race, education or creed—behaves and consumes same way due to one pervading factor: mobile. This monolithic generation is defined by four key attributes: constant connectedness, fast decision-making, short attention spans and high expectations.

“Consumers of every generation have been fundamentally rewired by two to three decades of intense interaction with digital and mobile. Boston Digital is reframing our approach to counseling clients by applying this lens to marketing challenges,” says Boston Digital’s Chief Growth Officer, Peter Prodromou. “By leveraging our deep understanding of the psychology of information consumption habits and the similarities inherent in The Impulse Generation, we deliver highly differentiated campaigns that surpass client expectations.” 

Prodromou added, “Traditional generational marketing is wrong on key assumptions, like the spending power of each generation relative to the other.  By focusing instead on how every generation behaves similarly, we’re giving clients better access to influencing and buying decisions.”

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