Boston Digital, a leading digital marketing agency, with a client base including the world’s top pharmaceutical and healthcare brands, recently conducted a survey of 500 healthcare executives to determine the extent to which healthcare industries have switched to digital solutions, the barriers they’ve faced and their plans for expanding digital healthcare in the future.  

This recent healthcare survey has received significant interest from the global business community as healthcare executives, business strategists and individual consumers look to the future of healthcare to see how the implementation of telehealth will play out.  

Most recently the survey was featured in an article from Business Insider. The Business Insider feature affirmed our findings that user experience is going to be a key element to telehealth’s success. According to Business Insider’s recent article  “Making websites easier to navigate can also help practices hook in more patients. Doctors realize the importance of upkeeping an easy-to-navigate website: 95% of Boston Digital healthcare exec respondents said making their website more mobile friendly is important.” (Zoe LaRock, October 2020). Read the  article “US healthcare leaders say a strong digital experience breeds high patient satisfaction—here are 3 digitization areas care practices should prioritize to retain and hook in patients” to get the full Business Insider coverage from our survey. 

The Boston Digital survey results have received press coverage in several healthcare and marketing outlets, including Patient Engagement HIT, The Healthcare Standard, France Surgery, SmartBrief & Healthcare IT News. Take a look at the articles covering these important results:  

To see more results and implications from Boston Digital’s survey, read this whitepaper. Stay tuned for our next survey exploring digital transformation in the tech industry.