92% of consumers manage their health online and 53% of consumers would make a change in healthcare provider based on the provider's digital experience. 

Today, Boston Digital, a leading digital marketing agency, announced the results of their new survey, “What do consumers want from their digital healthcare experience?”. Boston Digital’s findings have important relevance for healthcare providers and all interested parties following the international COVID pandemic. The survey canvassed 500 people to understand their feelings about their current digital healthcare options. Using the insight of respondents who ranged from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, the survey results indicate that many consumers believe healthcare providers haven’t caught up to their digital needs. Click here to access the full report. 

The survey made one thing very clear: this past year and a half has reshaped the modern healthcare landscape. As more people require online options for medical care, it’s up to healthcare providers to adapt to the new environment and create engaging digital platforms. Building strong digital healthcare platforms could be what many companies need to ensure that their clients feel comfortable seeking treatment both online and in-person. 

“Healthcare providers and organizations need to be thinking in terms of entire digital transformations, and hiring staff and consultants to facilitate,” said Boston Digital CEO, Peter Prodromou. “The public has been fundamentally reprogrammed by mobile devices and the things these high-powered computers can do.  The expectation is that industries will adjust to accommodate this behavior.  And nowhere else is this more true than in healthcare where, despite the highly regulated environment and personal nature, the expectation is for rapid digital transformation.”

Healthcare-related websites are often the face of digital healthcare. In the survey, the results indicate that 92% of consumers manage their health online using a website in some capacity. The most common way patients are managing their health online is by searching for information about their symptoms. A few more findings include:

  • 16% would like a chat function yet only 5% can access one on their current providers’ site. 
  • 30% of consumers would like to check their symptoms on their provider's site, compared with 13% that currently do. 
  • 24% would like to be able to access medical records and only 13% currently can. 
  • 21% would like to be able to get their insurance questions answered and only 8% can.
  • When asked how likely they were to leave their current healthcare provider for one with a better digital experience, 53% of consumers said they were at least somewhat likely to make a change based on digital healthcare options. 

Consumers not only want to interact with their healthcare providers, but they also want to be kept informed. A third of consumers said that researching symptoms was the online healthcare activity they did the most and 93% of them turned to digital healthcare content to inform them about those symptoms. When it comes to finding answers for their health concerns, consumers are looking for information that comes straight from the source, with 82% of respondents saying they would trust educational healthcare content more if it came directly from their providers. Based on these results, it seems that customers need their digital healthcare to be both well-organized and informative.     

Additionally, the survey data made it evident that customers of all ages are looking for improved digital healthcare options. While many in the healthcare industry perceive digital options as a youth-driven solution, 63% of all consumers surveyed used their healthcare site often or occasionally. Surveying Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers, all groups listed scheduling appointments as their top online priority. 

It’s clear that people of all ages expect an impressive digital healthcare experience. To see more results and implications from Boston Digital’s survey, read this whitepaper.  

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