Boston Digital, a leading digital marketing agency, today announced the results of a new survey, Brand Loyalty in the Digital Age. The survey canvassed 500 people, using the survey tool Pollfish to determine why consumers are loyal to certain brands, how they think about these brands, and what leads them to change their brand loyalties. 

The results indicate that today’s consumers will be loyal to brands that give them a one-to-one relationship. While the two most important things consumers point to when they describe their favorite brand continue to be price and product, brands need to offer more in today’s competitive digital environment. Once consumers have these primary needs met, they then look for personalized content, streamlined service, and a robust community. Today’s brands need to be able to answer the question, “What can you do for me?” wherever and whenever it’s asked. See the full results of the survey here.  

“It is more than clear that a consumer’s loyalty to a brand can easily shift if they are not presented with customized digital marketing experiences,” said Ani Jigarjian, Boston Digital’s Senior Director of Marketing & Business Development. “Both the digital ecosystem and a consumer’s needs change in real-time, so it’s important to point out that there is an enormous customer service opportunity that brands must study and perfect. The consumer has more choices than ever, so if your messaging lacks strategy, clarity, and meaning, you risk the loss of a valuable customer forever.”

To create a brand that stands out from the crowd, brands need to create a one-to-one relationship with customers that speaks to their wants and needs. The brand loyalty survey revealed the following:

  • Top reasons consumers will unsubscribe from content: 
    • Irrelevant content – 69%
    • Overkill – 65%
    • Content doesn’t address their needs – 62%
  • Description of favorite brands in three words: 
    • 42% of people mentioned words related to price or product 
    • 32% of consumers used adjectives like “great,” “cool,” and “fun”
    • 9% used words related to values and morals 
    • Only 1% used words like “innovative” or “disruptive” 

With online shopping on the rise, more consumers are looking for a quality service experience built for the digital age. 

  • Top three things consumers value in a digital experience: 
    • Ease of use – 78% 
    • Customer service – 59% 
    • Video content – 45%
  •  83% are willing to switch to a brand with a better digital experience
  •  70% are more likely to trust brands that provide a great digital experience 

Social media has become the go-to source of information for the American consumer, which is why creating a robust and compelling social presence for your brand is a key to maintaining and growing brand loyalty.  

  • Social media continues to climb the ladder when it comes to how brands educate consumers. 26% of consumers said they prefer to hear from brands by email, while 24% said they prefer to hear from brands through social media. With social activity on the rise, however, we see email slipping into second place in the near future. 
  • 75% of consumers have visited a website through Facebook, and 63% have purchased something after visiting a website through Facebook.  

To see more results and implications from Boston Digital’s survey, read this whitepaper

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Brand Loyalty in the Digital Age