This week’s Boston Globe business report, highlighted the growing concept of the Impulse Generation, pioneered by Boston Digital President, Peter Prodromou. Here is an excerpt from the article, which covers business developments in Boston: 

Gleaning intelligence from smartphones

Forget about the millennial generation. Peter Prodromou has a different demographic in his sights: the impulse generation.

It’s a phrase the longtime marketing executive uses to describe his target audience: all consumers, regardless of age or background, who respond to what they see on their phones. Prodromou says the age of the smartphone has reprogrammed us to be more impatient, make quicker decisions, and have shorter attention spans.

Prodromou will be chasing the eyeballs of the impulse generation this year in his new role at Boston Digital, a 50-person marketing firm in Charlestown. Founder Chuck Murphy recently promoted Prodromou to president, from his previous job as chief growth officer.

In Boston PR circles, Prodromou might be best known for his time at Racepoint Global, the public relations firm run by Larry Weber. Prodromou had risen to be CEO of that firm but the two parted ways in 2018.

Murphy invited Prodromou last year to join Boston Digital as chief growth officer to help him rebrand it from its former name, Boston Interactive. (Prodromou also took a minority stake in the firm when he joined.) “We really hit it off, and we realized we had similar goals and visions for what the next generation of digital marketing should be,” Prodromou said. — JON CHESTO

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