Boston Digital, a leading digital marketing agency, today announced several promotions to kick off 2021. These promotions come in the key areas of user experience & research, business development, digital marketing, and client services. Boston Digital is proud to recognize these individuals for the extraordinary work they have done growing a world-class digital marketing agency during an unprecedented year, and is excited for the roles they will take in shaping the future of the brand:  

Brandon Comstock, Senior Director, Research and User Experience

Brandon joined Boston Digital in 2019, as the Director of User Experience. With a background in brand strategy and an MBA from Boston University, Brandon has brought a unique brand-focused perspective to client projects. In his new role as Senior Director of Research and User Experience, Brandon will continue to expand the organization’s research capability to service growing business strategy demand, and continue leading his team in defining and architecting deeply resonant, human-centric digital experiences. 

Philip Chevalier, Associate Director of Digital Performance 

Phil joined Boston Digital in 2019 and has served as the resident website performance expert, adept at translating client business goals into digital marketing objectives and maximizing the organic exposure of websites. Before bringing his superior skills to BD, Philip started and grew the SEO program at a prestigious consulting firm for which he received a 2017 BrightEdge award. In his new role, Phil will continue to advance client strategic objectives toward enhanced growth and performance, while overseeing BD's reporting and analytics capabilities.

Kassi Coulombe, Associate Director of Business Development

Kassi joined Boston Digital in 2018, as a Marketing Specialist. It quickly became clear that she had a penchant for new business, as she advanced through the sales team, playing a key role in creating tailormade pitches and proposals. Kassi has been integral in bringing innovative solutions to clients of all industries and propelling new business in an uncertain economy. In Kassi’s role as the Associate Director of Business Development, she will continue to grow the sales pipeline, and ensure a seamless process for acquiring new business and retention opportunities from intake to close.  

Jeanette Frascello, Senior Project Manager 

Jeanette joined Boston Digital as a project manager in 2018, where she successfully managed large-scale website redesign projects, digital marketing engagements, and other digital enhancement projects across a diverse portfolio of clients within many unique industries. Jeanette has shown immense talent at managing our internal cross-functional teams and strengthening key client relationships independently. In her role as Senior Project Manager Jeanette will continue to ensure that our key clients can seamlessly partner with our Boston Digital experts and produce high-quality adaptive marketing that allows them to thrive in today’s digital world. 

“I want to congratulate all four of these key members of the Boston Digital family,” said Boston Digital president and CEO, Peter Prodromou. “Each of them has been instrumental to our growth and client satisfaction.  They are part of a group of world-class talent that delivers breakthrough results every day.” 

Boston Digital 

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