Agero is leading the digitalization of driver assistance services on a massive scale. Their white label roadside assistance safeguards consumers on the road through a combination of platform intelligence and human-powered solutions.   

About the Project 

Agero came to Boston Digital to develop a new look and feel for their website, and for a refresh of their content strategy. Their new digital strategy will allow them to scale with their growing business and penetrate new industry verticals.    

Website Redesign 

Agero looked to Boston Digital for a new visual brand that is tech-savvy and modern to go along with their new SWOOP technology. The SWOOP technology is a vertically integrated dispatch platform that provides transparency and clarity during roadside events. We helped to modernize Agero’s overall look by transitioning from a more text heavy homepage to a visually appealing design that highlights key facts and figures about their unmatched digital driver assistance. Agero’s new homepage also puts their vertical-specific marketing front and center to better align prospects with their consumer journey. With increased flexibility in website design Agero is now able to reach out to multiple audiences and verticals simultaneously.  




The new site streamlines the overall user experience, with a site map that makes pathways clearer and allows prospects to navigate between pages easily for a more fluid brand experience.  We incorporated easy to access calls to action to give prospective customers many opportunities to reach out and purchase Agero solutions.  With this new website design Agero will be able to strengthen their image as an industry leader - and promote their wide product portfolio and their provider network. 

Content Strategy 

We worked with Agero to create a content strategy that ensures consistent messaging and allows the Agero team to sustain a brand image as the most experienced, exciting, and bold choice in the entire roadside service industry. Agero’s new content strategy is built around the idea of forming emotional connections with prospects through the key role Agero plays in connecting companies and drivers in need. 



We worked with the team to craft a guidebook with an overview of the Agero tone & voice, core statements, audience definitions, and style guidelines. The guidebook is broken down into audience segments to align with Agero’s vertical based outreach strategy. For each audience and vertical we worked with Agero to define keywords, messaging and value propositions. The content strategy is informed by keyword analysis, competitive analysis and SEO research.

Through their new website and integrated content strategy Agero will be able to grow their brand and bring their world class service to more drivers and businesses. 

Check out their new website!