Digital is no longer a channel. Digital is behavior. For consumers of every age digital is a normal fact of life. At Boston Digital, we refer to this phenomena as the Impulse Generation. This moniker is not meant to imply that consumers are simply impulsive. Rather, it points to all consumers’ ability to act freely on impulses, without friction. And it cuts both ways as consumers are also constantly bombarded by outside impulses created by the changing winds of the world we live in. Marketers must keep pace and act accordingly.  

This multi-part blog series will explore how to build a comprehensive marketing strategy to meet the Impulse Generation by optimizing different parts of the marketing process including branding, personas, designing, activation, and analytics. 

Activation for Impulse
Strategic & Holistic

Why it matters

Your digital ecosystem is a multi-faceted asset that must be actively managed in order to create presence and drive growth.  

Why thinking needs to evolve

The days of classifying marketing as either inbound or outbound are over. You need to be thinking about your marketing universe as a comprehensive demand generation machine, that is in a constant state of evolution. At Boston Digital we know the power of a great website, but a website alone is not enough. In today’s world, consumers are bombarded with constant inputs from multifaceted channels. You cannot expect them to find your brilliant website through the chaos. There is no use building a beautiful castle, if you are going to leave it in the woods.  


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Engaging with new prospects requires a highly coordinated effort with a proliferation of touch points across channels. Your marketing machine needs to contain what are often called “inbound techniques”, like UX optimized CTAs and complex SEO strategies. Your marketing strategy also needs so-called “outbound marketing”, where you actively bring in new prospects to your universe with paid campaigns, email marketing, events, etc. Companies still thinking in terms of inbound and outbound are not ready for today’s consumer who has unlimited options and unlimited opportunities to exit and re-enter your marketing universe.  Your marketing machine needs to contain both sophisticated automated programs to nurture leads and the ability to provide instant data to your sales team so they can act on prospect activity as soon as it occurs.

Brand fragmentation is becoming increasingly common and can be detrimental to companies looking to build a highly personalized omni-channel experience. To reach your desired customer segments across brands or marketing platforms you need to design and build a system that can be measured. Consumer segments are becoming increasingly complex and unpredictable and your assumptions of market behavior are not enough. You need to be able to take a highly analytical look at your consumers and analyze their behaviors. If you can’t see into your environment, you can’t measure behavior, and if you can’t measure behavior, you can’t analyze it. This is your ecosystem, start acting like you own the place! Don’t leave yourself guessing, when the keys to your activation campaign are at your fingertips. In today’s competitive landscape you cannot leave yourself guessing if an asset or a martech system is paying off.  

Here’s how to be more “behavior” / “impulse” ready

Today’s consumers expect a highly coordinated and personalized experience. They expect brands to know them in all of their complexities. You need to provide an omni-channel experience that remembers your prospect and provides them with a fluid brand experience. The only way to build this omni-channel system is to create end to end reporting. This level of deep personalization requires knowledge of the full prospect experience and how changes impact your prospects behavior.  In order to be successful you need to layer your activation strategy onto the different journey’s your personas are following. 

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Every lead you are pursuing is viewing your content through many channels simultaneously, digesting the content at rapid speed and also looking at your competitors - all within the span of minutes. To convert this type of a moving target to a longtime customer, you need a marketing system as complex as they are. Marketers can no longer rely on just cold campaigns, or just a great website they need to use every tool at their disposal to understand their audiences and create a personalized experience.  Great activation starts with analytics, grows leads with campaigns that speak to the unique needs of each customer, and converts with an ecosystem that draws them toward a decision from all sides.

Stay tuned for the next article in our “Winning the Digital Normal” series where we explore designing for the impulse and the art of eye catching creative. You can also take a look at part #1 Branding for Impulse and part #2 Analytics for Impulse and part #3 Personas for Impulse

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