SEO tactics, blogs, and social media work well to drive new traffic and visitors to your content, but if you’re looking for a more aggressive approach to your lead generation strategy, consider social media advertising. Adding advertising to your social media lead generation strategy ensures your content is reaching potential customers and is a great technique to achieve faster results. In fact, social media has become the most effective digital advertising channel for driving impressions, clicks, and conversions.  But what makes social media advertising so effective? The Social Graph You’re probably familiar with paid search tactics, such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Social media advertising is the same in both form and function: You can choose either the pay-per-click or pay-per-impression model. You can create ad sets inside campaigns with different ad images and copy. You can target by geo-location, by interest, and often by keyword. You can set budgets for as little as $50 a day and start seeing immediate results. The difference lies in the “social graph.” Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn use the data they have on their users as well as the social connections between friends (putting the social in “social graph”). With this data, the networks give you a wealth of targeting parameters to fit your strategic needs. The diagram below illustrates social targeting: Lookalike Audiences: Predictive Analytics in Action Another benefit of using social media advertising to drive new leads to your business is a unique tool to both Facebook and Twitter (sorry for you fans of LinkedIn). When you create an advertising campaign on either channel, you have the option to reach people similar to your known audience, using a technique called “lookalike” audiences. If you use a CRM, you likely have a database of your current prospective clients. And these people are likely on either Facebook or Twitter. What the social networks allow you to do is upload your existing list of emails, social handles, or other qualifying identification information and create a segmented list. Facebook and Twitter will then use their own predictive analytics and algorithms to find similar audiences—similar demographics, interest, etc.—on their networks. From there, targeting your messages is a breeze. Expand Your Social Media Lead Generation Strategy Paid social ads allow you to target the right audience, increase traffic to your site, and gain new customers. So if you’re still considering where to allocate your 2016 marketing budget, don’t rule out social media advertising!
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