As Senior Digital Designer at Boston Digital, it’s important that I keep up with digital trends, find appropriate solutions to design problems for my clients, and am constantly looking for inspiration. It’s important for brands to stay up-to-date, while staying true to their own identity, here are my key insights for walking that line.

Inspiration Can Come at Any Time

I look for inspiration directly and indirectly. When I’m solving for a particularly tough design problem, I might look at how other people have solved that challenge. Indirect inspiration comes everyday through the things I’m watching or reading or scrolling through. The best trick for finding inspiration is to always be ready to save things that you like; I have a big, messy, ongoing list in the notes app of my phone where I keep links and clippings of things I find eye-catching and I try to review it often. 

Old Trends Come Back-In New Ways

Old Trends Come Back

We can also draw inspiration from past trends. I think design in all areas is cyclical, but past design trends don’t come back as exact recreations. An easy example would be 90s clothing styles coming back remixed with sneaker culture. (Hi mom jeans and scrunchies, nice to see you again.) See also the maximalist styles in web design for clashing colors, animations, and wild fonts that recall the early days of Geocities and Angelfire DIY web pages. I, for one, am loving it.

Be Online, Be Observant, Be Patient

Look for Inspiration Online

I’m sure as a business you want to keep up to date with the latest visual trends, know what’s coming next, and make sure your digital presence has the latest and greatest. There is no magical secret recipe for this, the best advice I can give you is to be online, be observant, and be patient. You don’t need to jump on every trend you see, but look for the ones that make sense for your business. Companies should look at their brand holistically when trying to update them. Trying to incorporate design trends into a brand piecemeal is a recipe for a brand with no clear point of view. Design is a language and evolves over time like one. Design trends come and go; the fun is in trying to find the ones that will stick around.

And, of course, if you need a helping hand, we at Boston Digital are brand lovers who know how to create visuals that are innovative yet timeless. We know how to evaluate your brand and deliver creative that capitalizes on any trends that are relevant to you while maintaining a consistent holistic brand feel.

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