Content is arguably the most important part of any strategic initiative. Without content, you have no bridge to connect your brand with your prospects and consumers. However, content creation takes time and a level of commitment to produce. For many organizations dipping their toes into the pool of content marketing, the question of ROI (return on investment) inevitably pops up.

Before diving in deep, you must understand the balance of resources needed to create the content and the effectiveness it will have with engaging your audience. You want every piece of content to be effective in its own way. Ideally, if a website visitor reads an article you’ve published, you want them to take some form of action that can turn them into a lead.

But how much work should you put into a piece of content? What content types require more work than others? Articles, infographics, videos, slideshows, or case studies? And, more importantly, what content types are more effective?

By correlating the effectiveness of any content type with the investment on your part (whether through labor or direct monetary investment), you can gauge what content types best work for your business.

Check out our Content Type Matrix below and learn if your investment in a certain piece of content is worth the time and effort based on effectiveness.

Matrix of most effective content types



How to Build a Content Strategy to Increase Leads Now