As a marketer at one of the top digital marketing agencies (if I do say so myself), I constantly hear the term marketing automation buzz throughout the industry. To educate myself as well as our clients on what marketing automation actually is and its benefits, I canvassed the web for insights, research, and info on different types of platforms. I spoke with my colleagues and met with software partners.

But given the breadth and scale of platforms available, I was extremely overwhelmed and needed a way to concisely explain 1) what a marketing automation platform is, and 2) what a marketing automation platform can offer a brand—not just the marketing team but also companies as a whole.

The Essential Marketing Automation Infographic

Once Boston Digital integrated a marketing automation platform for our agency’s own use, I fully understood all I could accomplish and how much easier all the built-in features would make my life.

I’ve witnessed first-hand the alignment between our marketing and sales team and have seen how much more efficient I’ve become by reducing the time spent on manual processes.

But I don’t want to horde all the experience for myself. We put together the marketing automation infographic below to share what you can do with marketing automation, the useful features it offers, and some shocking stats that will help you build a case for integrating a platform into your own business.

Marketing Automation Infographic

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