This week, Apple is releasing iOS 14.5, which will change the privacy and information sharing settings on all iOS apps to “opt-in”. Why is this a big deal? When users don’t opt-in, which we predict most will elect not to do, it will cause disruptions on most advertising platforms — in particular Facebook. In response to Apple’s update, Facebook launched a new measurement protocol, Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM), to mitigate some of the negative impact. If you currently advertise (or plan to advertise) on Facebook, it is highly recommended to set up AEM for your Facebook account.

What to Expect With the Release of iOS 14.5:

  • A gradual adoption –  We expect people to update their devices slowly over several weeks. As a result, we do not anticipate an immediate noticeable impact on iOS event reporting once Apple enforces its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) prompt. 
  • The update will cause users to opt-out by default – When a user updates to iOS 14.5 and launches Facebook or Instagram, they are automatically opted-out on that device.
  • Audience sizes may decrease – As more users upgrade to iOS 14.5 and opt-out, the size of your targetable audience could decrease. 
  • Performance fluctuations – As more users adopt iOS 14.5, the update will have more of an impact on delivery and reporting, resulting in performance fluctuations and increased CPAs.   

What to Expect From Facebook Once Apple Enforces the New Prompt:

  • Attribution model reporting will change – The default attribution model for new campaigns in Facebook will no longer include view-through conversions.
  • Conversion event reporting will also change – If you have not already verified your domain in Facebook Ads, we would recommend completing this ASAP. You will be subject to eight conversion events for campaign optimization starting next week. If your ad sets are not optimizing for one of the eight predetermined events, Facebook will pause them. 

To learn more, please download our step-by-step guide: “Setting Up AEM for your Facebook Account.” If you need any help or guidance, please feel free to reach out to us at for more information.

Setting Up AEM for Your Facebook Account