Attorneys are the heart and soul of every legal firm, so it’s important that potential clients have access to information about who they are. Much of this has to do with building trust, as lawyers don’t have the best track record of being liked when compared to other professions, so creating a natural rapport may take a little more effort.

There are plenty of digital channels and methods available for promoting attorneys in a way that combines professionalism with personality—both of which elevate your attorneys’ online presence. We’ve compiled some ways to ensure your attorneys stand out on search engine results and connect with potential clients.

Leverage LinkedIn

78% of millennials would be likely to hire a lawyer with an active social media presence, which is just one way they can stay relevant and draw in clients. Of all the social media channels where your attorneys can make a splash, LinkedIn is the standout. With the ability to post content in your feed, as well as receive endorsements from your network, LinkedIn is the ideal space for your lawyers to establish themselves as thought leaders.

LinkedIn often serves as a professional Yelp for prospective clients. Almost 45% of people use social media as a tool to evaluate professional services, so seeing a lawyers’ connections and background on their profile helps establish legitimacy and differentiate them from their peers.

Ensure that your attorneys are keeping their LinkedIn profiles accurate and up-to-date in order to best leverage this network. The “Experience” and “Accomplishments” sections should be completely filled out, and don’t forget to have them add to the “Skills” section too—having at least five skills on a page can bring up to 17 times more profile views.

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When it comes to content, your attorneys should post industry articles with light commentary to show their expertise and ability to stay current. And they should always engage with other lawyers and individuals who interact with their posts; this is key to pushing content higher in other LinkedIn feeds.

Explore Q&A posts and livestreams

Take a page from Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) format, a type of post that is invaluable for increasing engagement. These posts invite people to ask the post moderator (usually an expert in some area) any questions they might have in a candid and spontaneous environment. AMAs aren’t exclusive to Reddit though; they can be done through Facebook too, a platform that 74% of Americans use daily. Whether through a static post where people can type out their questions and wait for a response from lawyers, or a live stream where the exchanges play out in real time, these interactive sessions are a surefire way to boost engagement from both your followers and potential clients.

Here’s another little secret—while only 31% of businesses use Facebook Live, that’s exactly why it’s a function worth exploring. Since Facebook wants to increase the visibility of these videos, they are given priority in people’s newsfeeds, which boosts chances of engagement between your attorneys and their audiences. Live videos actually keep viewers watching three times longer, with six times more engagement, than regular videos. Plus, the unfiltered quality of livestreams allows viewers to see the attorneys’ body language and hear their voices, helping create an element of humanization that can lead to increased trust.

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Produce podcasts

Your attorneys have a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be shared, and what better way to tap into it than recording a podcast? Creating one takes minimal effort, requiring just a recording device and an attorney ready to talk about their experiences or answer some interview questions. Here is a handy guide to uploading a podcast to iTunes, as well as how to create a shareable RSS feed that can be pushed to your social media channels.

Podcasts add an extra opportunity for attorneys to showcase both their personality and expertise, all while remaining impactful through simplicity. For some inspiration, Legal Talk Network is full of podcasts on a range of topics, from computer forensics to success tips for paralegals.

Create original videos

In the same vein as podcasts and live streams, videos are an effective way for potential clients to get a better understanding of who your attorneys are. This content is meant to build trust and engage your audiences in a meaningful way.

If you’re not sure where to start with filming a video, the American Bar Association goes through the basics of creating one that highlights your firm and attorneys. You should aim to keep these at roughly two minutes or less, especially if they’re being shared on social media—you don’t want to bore your viewers. You can directly embed these videos into your law firm’s website or link them out to YouTube for more exposure. If you choose to share them on Facebook, be sure to upload them natively (directly into your post as opposed to putting in a link to them), since native videos have a 186% higher engagement rate. They are also shared 1000% more than videos linked out to other hosting sites, so this could mean a significant difference in the amount of exposure your attorneys get.

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Encourage content creation from attorneys

While the thought of writing a blog post or being interviewed for a podcast may seem like a daunting task, the payoff could be well worth it for your attorneys. Humanizing their online presence is valuable for attracting potential clients in the process of deciding who they want to work with. Suppose someone was choosing between two very similar attorneys, and one had written a blog about recent changes in a law that affects their clients while the other did not produce any content. Which attorney would come off as more trustworthy and legitimate?

These posts and other content types establish an attorney’s expertise and credibility, so they should be easy to find on your website and social channels. Content creation also includes anything your attorneys post on their own social profiles, so make sure to link these accounts on your legal firm’s main. It’s important that all this information is not only available for potential clients to peruse, but also easily navigable.


In order to demonstrate the personality and skills of your attorneys, make sure to leverage the digital channels available to you. From creating a space where people can ask attorneys their burning questions to filming short and engaging videos, there are plenty of opportunities for your attorneys to emerge as leaders in their field and be the first choice for those seeking legal help.

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