By now we all know that the nation – the world, really – has experienced a decade’s worth of acceleration away from brick and mortar toward a digital reality in less than a year. The pandemic drove this expedited transition of activity onto the web from which we are likely never to return. From healthcare to office supplies and to entertainment, we are forever locked into a new reality centered around digital transactions.  

As companies scramble to adjust to this newly digitized world, it will be easy to lose sight of the fact that now, more than ever, enduring brands need to augment the buy-and-sell nature of their relationships with more brand essence and thought leadership. Content needs to create a sense of relationship formation, assurance, and friendliness as customers seek to establish a sense of community online. With the right kind of thoughtful content and communication, brands have a huge opportunity to forge longstanding ties with their customers and prospects if they take a moment to assess the human dimension of current trends and respond accordingly.

Our recent survey of technology marketers revealed that 88% of survey respondents are experiencing difficulty adapting corporate messaging to a more digitally centric world. One of the biggest up and coming product sectors is digital healthcare, yet marketers in this industry continue to struggle with their messaging. The takeaway? Even as people are relying on technology to deliver one of the most important, human-dependent relationships – good health –, the people focused on the marketing of these technologies can’t seem to make an authentic connection with their audience.  

Perhaps part of the issue is the loss of ability to communicate on human-centric terms and a decreased focus on the thought leadership and reassurance of relationship-focused messaging. Companies are struggling because, rather than focusing on authentic messaging and relationship-building engagement, they center their efforts on the transactional aspects of technology aimed at addressing human-centric issues.

At Boston Digital, we are helping our clients to navigate this divide by applying a human eye and authentic messaging principles to a digital world. Our research and conversations with category experts and analysts have reaffirmed our belief that focused, authentic thought leadership and engagement will be crucial in 2021 and for years to come. Crucial to customer relationship formation. Crucial to brand building. Crucial to the success of businesses. And, perhaps most importantly, crucial to delivering on brand promise and the infinite positive possibilities of the web.

At a time when many organizations are currently heads-down planning and executing on their web strategies, presences, and campaigns for 2021, it would be a grave mistake to place too much emphasis on  the notion of transaction without recognizing the importance of  thought leadership-driven brand building. The opportunities are great, and a thirsty public will embrace those organizations that find the equilibrium between transaction and human-centric, brand-centric thought leadership.     


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