As caregivers watch their loved ones grow older, many questions start to arise. What types of food should my aging loved one be eating? Is this just forgetfulness or a sign of dementia? Is it time to start thinking about assisted living? All of these uncertainties can cause a great deal of stress in caregivers and adult children. They’ll often turn to the internet to get the answers they need to better care for their loved ones.

Your job as an assisted living marketer is to provide these caregivers with the content they’re searching for. By consistently presenting them with information that can help them navigate through the challenges of senior care, you’ll position your brand as an industry thought leader and highlight your company’s experience. You’ll even build SEO along the way by providing rich content for the topics frequently searched by your target audience.

All that sounds great – but where do you start? We’ve come up with a few content marketing ideas to help you hit the ground running. You can use these topics as blog posts, infographics, newsletters, or whatever else your audience may find helpful.

How to Bring Up Assisted Living

The first conversation about moving to an assisted living community is usually an uncomfortable one. Caregivers tend to be nervous about upsetting or offending their aging loved one, while the seniors themselves can feel insulted or fearful. Due to the tense nature of this subject, these conversations are often delayed for far too long; but you can help. Many adult children look up tips on how to breach the subject to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. Arming these decision-makers with the information they need to make this a productive (rather than scary) conversation, will get your brand some serious brownie points. Not only will your audience be thankful for your help, they’ll see that your company is adept in effectively communicating with seniors.

Choosing the Right Senior Living Community

When it comes to choosing an assisted living community, caregivers are determined to find the perfect fit. They want to be sure their senior is treated with care and respect and that they’ll be comfortable in their new home. Caregivers will likely have questions about community policies. Will residents have to get rid of their pets? Will spouses be separated? Providing them with a roadmap of questions to ask and elements to consider when choosing a community can place your company in the middle of the action. Not only will it be a huge help to your audience, it’ll also bring them closer to your brand. You can even add a few bonus items at the end of your checklist that are unique to your facilities to help sell your community. Just be sure that the bulk of your list remains objective to preserve your credibility!

Making a Smooth Transition into Assisted Living

Moving into an assisted living community involves major life changes for both seniors and their caregivers. Once a mutual decision has been made about the move, there are countless logistics to consider. From buying new furniture to downsizing, the amount of change taking place would make anyone uneasy. Creating a guide to make this transition go as smoothly as possible can work to soften the blow. It’ll help your future residents to feel as comfortable as possible in their new home and it’ll present your community as a trusted alternative for those who are moving elsewhere but may end up unhappy later.

Healthy Recipes for Seniors

One concern many caregivers have is that their seniors aren’t eating properly. It’s especially important for seniors to eat well as they age since it provides them with the vital nutrients they need to stay healthy and energetic. Unfortunately, many seniors lack the ability to cook for themselves, which can lead to malnutrition and illness. Supplying simple, nutritious recipes for seniors can make your brand a crucial resource for your target audience. Caregivers will initially seek this information while their aging loved one is still living at home, giving you the opportunity to nurture the relationship until the senior is ready for assisted living.

How to Notice Early Signs of Dementia

As seniors age, they have memory problems that can cause concern for caregivers; and it’s no wonder with one in ten U.S. seniors being affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. It can be tough for adult children to distinguish between the normal forgetfulness that occurs with age and that associated with dementia. Positioning your band as a sounding board on this topic will forge a bond between your company and worried caregivers. Just be careful not to give direct medical advice; instead, provide them with the appropriate medical resources to help them assess symptoms or find a doctor. This will ease their stress and peg your brand as one that they can trust.

Senior Fire Safety Tips

According to the United States Fire Administration, those aged 65 and older accounted for 40% of fire deaths in 2015. The elderly often need assistance from their caregivers in order to put a home fire safety plan in place. Disseminating these fire safety tips for seniors can help prevent risks while concurrently boosting awareness of your brand at an early stage. Much like “Healthy Recipes for Seniors,” fire safety tips will be searched while the senior is still living at home, allowing you to make an early connection with potential clients. Whether you provide a fire safety checklist or a mock fire safety plan, just be sure to clear it with a fire safety professional before publishing it.


Watching a loved one grow older is never easy. It comes with new fears, anxieties, and precautions that many adult children and caregivers don’t anticipate. By making your brand a core resource to help caregivers navigate this stage of life, you’ll build a tremendous amount of credibility and trust. Your target audience will grow closer to your brand, see your expertise in senior care and may even check out your facilities. All the while, you’ll be building SEO, increasing brand awareness and even boosting lead flow. So, what are you waiting for? Get writing!

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