Construction companies rely heavily on preparing and sticking to their project plans for a new build; goals and deadlines are set and schedules are made to keep everyone on track. Online marketing requires a similar planning process - you need to plan out your steps ahead of time and look at the bigger picture for a successful result.

If you’re looking to boost awareness of your projects, look no further! We’ve come up with five ways for you to showcase your construction builds online.

Get Social with It

According to Hootsuite, about 3 billion people log into a social media account each day – that’s about 40% of the world’s total population! The popularity of these online channels makes them ideal for disseminating construction project information, allowing you to reach your target audiences where they already spend their time. By leveraging social to share your project progress, you can promote brand awareness and brand engagement with strategic sharing.

We recommend starting with Snapchat and Instagram, each of which have “story” features that allow you to share up-to-the-minute progress with the click of a button. The 24-hour expiration of these stories makes them feel more “live” and creates a sense of urgency around your content. By sharing progress here, your audience can feel more a part of your projects and get excited about the milestones along the way.

Alternatively, Facebook and Twitter are great platforms to start a conversation about your projects. When you post on these networks, you are inviting people from the outside world to interact and comment on your builds. Sparking the right conversations by posing questions and sharing imagery can get people conversing with each other and your brand, leading new business down the road.

Count it Down (in 3, 2, 1 …)

When a company needs a remodel or new build, it typically signifies growth and success. People naturally get excited when they see people or companies they know doing well. You can bolster this excitement with a countdown to keep your audience engaged. Counting down the days until project completion on social media or your website can create a buzz around big projects. This tactic can be especially beneficial if the client is holding an open house for their new space and they want to spread awareness about it.

Snap and Share

When I first land on a website, I instinctively look for photos; it helps me to understand what the company is all about and the types of services they offer. Creating a “projects portfolio” full of vibrant imagery on your website is a great way to show the quality of your work. A portfolio gives you the opportunity to display your photos in an organized way while allowing viewers to browse through images at their own pace. Showing potential clients the excellent work you’ve done in the past can encourage them to work with you in the future. Just be sure that the photos you’re posting are high quality and show off the best aspects of your works in progress. Uploading fuzzy photos or those that don’t directly showcase the project will end up clouding visitors’ perceptions of your brand.

Bend the Rules of Time

When your project comes to an end, a good way to showcase it is to share a time-lapse video of the entire build. Time-lapses are engaging because they illustrate your entire project in a short span of time. This is something you’ll want to set up before any sort of construction starts in order to show every step of your project. Once the camera is set up right where you want it, let it record until you’re done and then max out the fast forward before you post it. It’s that easy!

Once your time-lapse is complete and ready to post, feature it everywhere! You can post it to your social media pages, provide the link to your client to post on their own social channels, use it as the homepage header on your website or even display it on a TV in your office where current and potential clients will be able to see it when they visit.

Show a Different Perspective

Drone cameras are flying off the shelves these days. Whether used in a professional setting or for fun, people can’t get enough of the aerial camera shots they produce. Investing in a drone for your construction company can illuminate everything you’re doing from a unique point-of-view. Because your audience generally can’t see your work from above, showing it from this view can refresh audience interest in a project. The Guardian has stated that “drone footage is delivering the wow factor in an online world where it’s easy to think you’ve seen it all.”

Pro Tip: Investing in a drone can have a dual purpose when it comes to construction. Imagine needing to check something out on the twentieth floor of a new build. Rather than hiring a crane and sending personnel to take a look, you could use a drone to inspect the area. This results in a more efficient and more cost-effective work environment for everyone involved.


The construction industry is packed with competition. Luckily, with the right online strategy, you can share your best projects and blow your competition out of the water. Gorgeous photos, breathtaking aerial views a, d stunning videos will captivate your target audience and set you apart from the pack. So, start letting your projects speak for themselves – they’ve got a lot to say!

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