Four out of five prospective clients will review a firm’s website or other online resources before picking up the phone and furthering the discussion. This means there’s a heightened opportunity to attract and influence prospective clients’ decision making online. Therefore, you should aim to improve your web experience to showcase your expertise in the industry to start converting visitors into leads.

However, creating a professional, thought-provoking website that converts is no easy feat. With endless landing page templates to choose from, design guidelines to follow, and external opinions seeping into your plans, a website demands a thorough, detailed strategy that meets the mark and fulfills your firm’s objectives.

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With an opportunity to convert more visitors, it’s crucial to create a website that highlights your experience in the industry. In order to help you reflect your expertise online, we’ve come up with five tips every legal marketer should consider:

Enhance the Design

Only 35% of law firm website designs have been updated in the last three years. This means there’s an opportunity to fill a niche in the digital space. To enhance your website design, weave in real imagery. Rather than using random, cheesy stock images that fill space, utilize professional images that reflect your practice and your people. This will help to establish credibility and make for a more impactful digital experience for your viewers.

You can also improve the design with a clean, simple typography. Rather than cluttering your page with content and images that fill space, keep it concise with fonts and language that are easy to read. This will drive users on a clear path to your thought leadership and expert insights. By including real imagery and keeping the language sophisticated, you’ll captivate your viewers and create an impressive visualization of your firm’s experience.

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Elevate with Videos

Elevate your experience online with videos. This type of visual aid provides a highlight reel of your firm, while boosting your firm’s exposure on search engines. In fact, utilizing video marketing can increase a law firm’s organic search traffic by 157%. This increases your ability to reach your audience and prompt them to learn more. Therefore, including videos on your website can work to boost your exposure and drive leads.

In fact, videos on your landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80% and can increase conversions on your homepage by 20%. For instance, post a video on a landing page that introduces your attorneys and dives into their experience in a specific practice area. By elevating with videos, your website will rank higher and your viewers will be more likely to engage with your firm.

Include Credentials and Awards

In the legal industry, it’s critical that you validate your success to convince your audience your firm is a worthy candidate. If you’ve earned awards and credentials, showcase them on your website. With industry recognition, you will establish your credibility from the moment visitors land on your website. Therefore, include icons of credentials and awards you’ve accumulated throughout the years. By including these on your website, you’ll demonstrate prospects that your work is high-quality and highly esteemed.

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Add Customer Testimonials

Seeking answers from our peers is a way to validate our decision-making. Therefore, adding customer testimonials is a beneficial way to provide social proof for your visitors. In fact, research shows that 79% of consumers trust online reviews and testimonials as recommendations from their peers. It’s an easy way to prove to your visitors that you’re a reliable firm that provides top-notch service to your clients. By leveraging your prior client success on your website through testimonials you’ll not only boost your credibility, you’ll also make your firm stand out among competitors.

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Maintain a Blog

Legal firms run on their experience. Potential clients want to know that they choose a firm with extensive experience in cases similar to their own. While in-person meetings are the offline route, your website’s blog is another beneficial way to highlight your expertise online. Therefore, you should build a blog and maintain it with weekly posts. This will ensure your audience knows you are up-to-date with legal information, while also providing them with a hub of educational content. By maintaining a blog for your firm, you’ll prove your experience in the field, while giving your audience access to key industry insights.

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Your experience drives the success of your firm. It validates your position in the industry and proves you’re a worthy candidate in a legal search. However, without an effective website to showcase that expertise, your firm is missing out on the opportunity to captivate new prospective clients online.

To highlight your leading position through your website, enhance the design, elevate with videos, include credentials and awards, add customer testimonials, and maintain a blog. By improving your website with these best practices in-mind, you will be a leading firm on and off the web.

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