Today mobile apps are a fully integrated part of our daily routines. We wake up in the morning turn off our alarm apps, refresh our email apps, check our texting apps and post on our social apps saying we're ready to rule the day because #yolo. According to Deloitte’s Global Mobile Consumer Survey, 43% of smartphone users check their device within 5 minutes of waking up. Before they’re brushing their teeth, they’re choosing to brush up on anything they missed during the last 6-8 hours of sleep.  

Picture this: you're on the train headed to work in the morning and you have a half hour to kill before your stop. If you’re like me, you're scrolling through Facebook, then you switch to Twitter and Instagram and then you’re back to Facebook again. You see the usual posts from your friends - updates on their kids, new profile pictures, or a new discovery on cat toys and how they stimulate brain growth in three-year-olds – the usual.  

Well, what if instead of coming into the office boasting about cat toy discoveries you came in sharing knowledge about the latest and greatest marketing trends in your industry? We’re going to help you do just that with 5 mobile applications every marketer should know.  


Quora is a go-to app for those looking to ask and answer questions in an online community setting. When you first log into Quora, you are prompted with a simple question: “What are your interests?” If you specify one of your interests as “Marketing,” Quora then says, “OK be more specific;” allowing you to choose the exact marketing niches you’re most interested in. Once your interests are narrowed down, you can easily read up on marketing blogs and ask and answer related questions in your field.This increases the ability for you to communicate, ask your own questions about marketing and offer insights on industry issues, all while interacting with a community and receiving helpful feedback from your peers.  


Feedly reminds us of a combination of Pinterest and Twitter in the world of news, blogs, and articles. Similar to Quora, it is customizable to your needs, interests and industry-specific topics; allowing you to easily find and read content most relevant to you. Feedly’s folder feature will help you organize your content by topic and source, ensuring that all of the content you’re reading is coming from credible sources you’ve hand-selected yourself. And, Feedly is connected with over 40 million feeds so finding diverse content and opinions from a wide variety of sources is a breeze.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is an app that provides a variety of helpful information to its readers by keeping you up-to-date with daily news including breaking stories and trending topics within your industry. What makes this app unique is their timeliness and ability to stay on the heels of the newest trends in marketing. Search Engine Land focuses on topics related to search marketing, SEO, SEM, and retail. It shares information, tips, and tricks to help expand any marketer’s industry knowledge.

Search Engine Land

Marketing Land

Marketing Land is very similar to Search Engine Land (they’re actually published by the same company) but Marketing Land offers very different perspectives on industry topics. Different than Search Engine Marketing, it focuses on creative social media, mobile marketing, and must-reads for the Chief Marketing Officers and digital marketing executives of the world. By distributing the latest news and helpful tactics, Marketing Land motivates its readers to tackle the interactive marketing world and create successful campaigns for their company’s digital marketing efforts.

Marketing Land


TED Talks: we've all heard of them, watched them, and learned from them, so why not follow them? Granted, the majority of the TED mobile app consists of uplifting motivational TED Talk videos that will get you thinking you’re the next Superman but, who can deny that? While you browse through and watch any of the hundreds of TED Talks and playlists, you can specify what kind of videos you want to watch or listen to. For example, as a marketer, you can activate filters such as “Advertising” “Marketing” and “Social Media.” By doing so, TED creates a playlist for you based on all of your filters and shows you only the talks that apply to you. So while you browse through the playlists, the videos are all relatable to you and your industry.



Continuously checking social platforms has become a second nature to many when other distractions seem unavailable. Trust me, I'm right there with you. Incorporating these mobile apps into your daily routine creates more of an opportunity to learn than the repetitive Facebook timeline you're so used to. So, try out these apps, add them to your before-you-brush-your-teeth-routine, and hey, you might discover the next big trend before breakfast.

Do you like any Marketing News and Trends mobile apps that aren't on this list? Let us know on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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